Google Reveals Chromebook Devices Will Soon Get Android Apps

GoogleChromebookAndroidPlayStoreAnything Chromebook-related comes dear to my heart. When it first came out, I didn’t fully understand the concept of the Chromebook to be entirely exciting or useful. But when I realized I was a Chromebook candidate, a perfect one at that, as I only use my notebook for word documents and research, storing photos and cloud usage, I became a true advocate. Important news has come up during this year’s Google’s I/O Developer Conference, something Google has been hinting at for sometime now. Google Chromebooks will be soon be enabled with Android apps. Despite how confusing that may sound at first, Google has enough tools up its sleeve to make it happen.

For Chromebook’s cloud-based operating system, Chrome OS, how would Android fit into this completely different platform? Previously limited to just applications built especially for Chrome, Google is adding Play Store for Android to its Chrome OS, meaning all Chromebook users will be able to download and install apps normally exclusive for Android onto their own Chromebooks. Besides being seriously convenient for anyone who wants more access in general, talk about having a lot more fun on your Chromebook! Engadget says everything ran quite smoothly during the tech giant’s demo at I/O, especially when showing off some popular casual gaming. Appearing to be “seamless”, Android’s “intent system makes it relatively easy to share files between apps”. Offline support will keep you entertained no matter the situation, and the smoothly-running Android games will add an enhanced entertainment factor. Considering these notebooks come in a very wide variety of prices, from countless manufacturers, this “seamlessness” may somewhat depend on the level of Chromebook you are running the new apps on.

GoogleChromebookAndroidPlayStore1Google didn’t stop there with new Chromebook teasers, apparently we will be seeing more than just software. That’s right, not just new apps, but new hardware- hardware that Google built “specifically with the Play Store in mind, coming later this year”. This little tidbit could also mean eventual fingerprint scanners in Chrome devices, which, if you think about, would make the entire process of authenticating app downloads and purchases just as fast as competitors. But for now, adding this entirely new level of entertainment to Chromebooks is great (we’re sure to see educational systems, one of Chromebooks most highly demanded markets, enjoying the addition). Since most Windows or iOS devices have the opportunity to use this wide range of highly functional games and applications, Chromebooks don’t have to be the ones left in the dark anymore. Facebook, Angry Birds, Netflix, Spotify, Skype, and nearly a million others, get ready to be a click away, in big screen mode!

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