Dell Made a 43-Inch HD Monitor with Four Separate, Bezel-Less Screens

Dell43MultiClientP4317QDisplay1It’s not that we all just sit in front of a computer monitor all day because we have to. Some folks may be multimedia professionals, editors, or programmers, and need multiple displays in their face to deliver the type of workstation needed to get the job done. If you've actually hooked up multiple monitors and tried to use them all at once you’d understand the mess and annoyance of cords and used space. Of course someone had to have a solution for this kind of situation. Dell, the deliverer of the ultimate display experience, has created a hugely expensive 43-inch monitor, containing four video inputs and 4K resolution, aimed at some seriously cash-handy groups.

Dell43MultiClientP4317QDisplayShown clearly in photos across the web, you see that the four separate Full HD 1080p screens, are not only crisp and clear, but bezel-less, on the Dell 43 Multi-Client P4317Q Monitor. It supports switching between all four clients while in full-screen mode, and “features a matte finish that promises to reduce glare and eye strain”, thanks to Dell’s Enhanced Display Manager Software. Hot Hardware says the device has a contrast ratio of 1,000:1, a brightness rating of 350 cd/m2, viewing angles near 178 degrees (pretty impressive), and response times at 8m/s (pretty standard). Sound like foreign language to you? You must not need charts, graphs, or multiple sheets of code on your screen all the time. Stockbrokers and software hunks do, however.

Be still my heart, right? This thing gets the job done, and it does all this magic via four separate inputs, simultaneously in HD mind you (don’t you forget it!). The Dell 43 Monitor features plenty of connectivity options, including a four-port USB 3.0 hub for all your peripherals, dual HDMI 1.4 ports, one DisplayPort 1.2, one mini DisplayPort 1.2, and one legacy VGA connector. Not that you need to hear anymore, but the monitor also has a headphone jack and two 8 watt speakers.

I bet it would be super nice and efficient to have such a lovely monitor in front of you while you edit your programs or other media, but Dell isn’t kidding when it says it means business by launching a 43-inch monitor. The Dell 43 Multi-Client Monitor is priced at $1,349.99, and according to PC Mag, is aimed at “financial institutions, trading floors, and software developers”. But hey, Dell advocates that using this “gigantor” monitor over multiple displays will save you up to 30 percent in power consumption! So hey, big shots, get your wallets out around May 23rd, when Dell will begin shipping these monsters!

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