+ Starbreeze: Soon to Equal a 210-degree Field of Vision VR Headset

AsusStarbreezeStarVrWhile it has come to my attention that Acer hasn’t been doing as well as it should be, the PC maker isn’t going to let the market slow it down. Acer is a veteran in the world of computers, but PCs are declining in demand, so along with the company’s existing mobile efforts, Acer has been working on its presence in the VR-ready PC arena. Now, with the help of gaming company Starbreeze, Acer will be marking its very first attempt at a VR headset. Dubbed StarVR, this headset will be a relatively new product from the Sweden-based company, who isn’t much known for hardware-related products. In fact, Starbreeze is a relatively small company to begin with, so Acer jumping on board is the only way substantial money could be thrown into the products development (like the way its rich competitors, Facebook or Sony can) (PC World). However, we did hear a bit about Starbreeze’s VR plans last year, where it showed an early iteration of the device at E3 2015. Besides the money factor, deciding to grab Acer and redesign this thing is quite beneficial, as Acer’s knowledge about hardware development will be a tremendous factor in its build.

AsusStarbreezeStarVr1As Starbreeze has stated, StarVR will be manufactured, promoted, and marketed “to the professional and location-based entertainment market”. What this will mean, is not only could you game with this thing in your living room like other headsets, but both companies are striving to expand StarVR’s immersion to an entirely new level-the outside world. Furthermore, StarVR will feature a wide field of vision, at 210 degrees, much more comparable to a person’s actual visual experiences, even peripherally; also, much wider than the Oculus and HTC Vive’s 110 degrees field of vision. Think about taking a stroll through a field with that kind of POV.

AsusStarbreezeStarVr2Slash Gear, continuing onto this idea of location-based entertainment, says a VR headset like this could be seen “in the wild”, as it has never been done before. Remember Minority Report, when Tom Cruise wails his hands about using a hand gesturing VR platform? Yeah, it would be that, but for super fun gaming or real-world exploration. Bottom line, the wider range of sight means much more of a realistic view, which could open up more opportunities for VR that we haven’t even seen yet. Because this has been more of an announcement, right now all we have is excitement and anticipation about the upcoming device. No timeline has been leaked, yet Slash Gear thinks that since Acer jumped on board, “we can assume it’ll be brought to market a whole lot faster than previously planned”.

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