Apple MacBook 2016, Upgraded Processor, and a Much Higher Price

AppleMacbook2016-2We’re all gearing up for the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) event in June, where we will witnessing the launch of Apple’s newest MacBook 2016. Last year, we were interested to see Apple’s announcement of not a MacBook Air, not a Pro, but a MacBook, unique to its very own brand. Last year’s device came in either 13-inch or 15-inch variants, and although contained superior efforts in the design department, lacked the performance some users weren’t expecting. Therefore, reviews for the MacBook 2015 weren’t that great. It was like a beautiful, thin as paper, light as a feather device with Retina display, brand spankin’ new trackpad, and then womp, it faltered under high loads of work. Then comes along this new MacBook, said to improve on performance, but cost a lot more.

AppleMacbook2016What we have now, with a few features that for some people may be deal breakers, is a tough decision to make. Which MacBook is best? For one, the latest MacBook is available in Rose Gold, which, despite the silly statement, is very “in” right now. A lot of teenage girls next Christmas are going to want that over a silver one, let’s face it. The laptop, measuring 12 inches and made out of the same carved aluminum, is the thinnest laptop Apple has ever made. It’s thinner than the MacBook Air, at 13.1mm thick, and weighing just over two pounds. The Retina display, featuring 2304 x 1440 resolution, has an aspect ratio of 16:10. The Force Touch trackpad, described as “another mechanical engineering feat” by The Verge, is said to give the illusion of a clicking sensation when you click the top section of it.

AppleMacbook2016-1Now, these are all the same specs as last year’s MacBook. What is different, however, is what’s inside. There is a 1.1GHz dual-core Intel Core M3 chip (Turbo Boost up to 2.2GHz), Intel HD Graphics 515, 256GB of flash storage, and 8GB of RAM (the 2015 MacBook contained a 1.1GHz original Core M, and Intel Graphics 5300). There’s only one port that isn’t a headphone jack, and it’s the USB Type-C. Higher-end options include a 1.2GHz Core M3 chip, or 1.3GHz Core M5 chip, but that’s going to run you $1,599 and beyond. Starting at $1,299 for the base model, let’s face it, this is an expensive piece of metal. Anything over a thousand bucks is a lot to pay for a laptop, unless you’re really into beauty, horsepower, and/or are dealing with a gaming workstation. But if work and power are important to you, the MacBook 2016 is said to run 25 percent faster than last years, a big difference for a lot of business/work users. The more efficiency, the better the battery life will be. This time around, we should expect the device to run 9 to 10 hours without needing a charge.

Apple’s MacBook brand is a good one. However, it’s being described as “ahead of its time” by Wired, as paying that much for something “beautiful, thin, light, and with a great screen, weird keyboard, and exactly one port”, is only feasible in the online world we’re (quickly) easing into. Some people are ready for it, some aren’t.

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