Superbook, the next Laptop Shell Made to Transform Your Smartphone

SuperbookWhen it comes to smartphones, it’s been ages since they were something you simply called or texted on. These days, we now officially live on our phones- surfing the web, playing on social media, and many students and professionals take advantage of cloud storage and file sharing. Since we consider our iPhones and Galaxies (let’s face it, Apple and Samsung rule the earth) more-or-less handheld computers, the idea of a laptop dock for these devices is completely feasible. Very similar to the NexDock, a laptop shell that connects to a Windows 10 device and utilizes Continuum, the new Superbook seems to be on the same mission of “democratizing the desktop”.

Superbook2This type of concept, although nothing new, is gaining momentum quickly. Part of a crowdsourcing campaign, Superbook is a $99 laptop dock for Android smartphones. Once the Android device is connected, it provides the CPU, memory, and storage to the shell. Everything you’re used to, apps and all, are instantly in laptop format. The Superbook dock has an 11.6-inch LCD display featuring 1366 x 768 pixels, accompanied by a “full-size island-style keyboard, and large gesture-capable touchpad” (Laptop Mag).

Superbook1As simple as it sounds, it is. All you do is connect your Android device to Superbook via the USB Type-C or microUSB port located on the laptop. As far as battery power, the dock itself is said to last a good eight hours thanks to its built-in battery. On the other hand, it’s not quite clear whether your smartphone’s battery size will enhance the dock’s life.

Unlike NexDock, Superbook doesn’t require a Windows 10 device. However, your Android device should at least be running Android 5.0, a.k.a Lollipop, complete with 1GB of RAM or higher. Obviously, the better the specs (sources suggest something more along the lines of 2 or more GB of RAM, and at least a 64-bit processor), the better smartphone-running notebook you’re gonna have to work with! Besides the superior display you’ll be experiencing by beaming your smartphone onto a laptop, users will get to experience Andronium OS, perfect for multitasking, not to mention accessing Google Play apps, galore. Superbook is perfectly viable for mobile professionals looking for a quick and affordable computing solution, or students that want just enough of an upgrade to make typing and researching easier. Available for preorder, Superbook’s $99 price might just be for early access customers. So rush to Superbook's website to find out.

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