Amazon’s Budget Tablets Lineup Expanded with Larger Storage, More Colors

AmazonFireBudgetTabletsPerfect for last year’s holiday season, Amazon came soaring towards the tablet market with its $50 Fire tablet by summer. It did well. For a decently priced tablet, holding 8GB of storage, it did all it needed to. Now, of course Amazon has always gone up the tier quite a bit with its higher-end Fire HD 8 and Fire HD 10 tablets, ranging from $150 to $230. However, after causing such a stir with its new affordable series of tablets, Amazon is all about expanding its hugely successful customer base. In doing so, there’s gotta be a nice meet in the middle for us mid-range buyers, and that is the latest Fire tablet for $70.

That $20 extra bucks (the $50 model is still available) is for the extra storage, 16GB in total, that will go a long way for the average user. That’s also a $70 offer for something fun and new for the whole family; including the Fire Kids Edition, as well as color choices that include magenta, blue, and tangerine for all models (if you’re recognizing these colors, it’s because the Fire HD devices also had them). The mid-tier $70 Fire tablets will provide a 7-inch IPS display, featuring 1024 x 600 pixels (171ppi), powered by a 1.3 GHz quad-core processor, with a solid 16GB of storage, plus the expandable option of up to 128GB via microSD. There are also front and rear cameras, and support for all Amazon’s latest features (hosts of new apps, Amazon FreeTime, X-Ray) while running the latest Fire OS.

AmazonFireBudgetTablets1Tech Times points out how great these mid-tier options will be great for the Fire lovers that aren’t yet ready to jump to the $150-$230 HD devices just yet. Plus, these are fun, fit for kids, and colorful. One of Fire OS’s latest new features is called Blue Shade, a new specifically designed app for bedtime reading. If going for the Fire Kids Edition, know that the 16GB won’t cost what the others cost. These are priced at $120 for 16GB, $100 for just 8GB, and come fully prepared for the age group thanks to their specialized kid-proofed cases, and two year insurance plan. All options are currently available.

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