Acer’s Chromebook 14 for Work Featuring Gorilla Glass, Military Spec Compliance

AcerChromebook14When we think of Chromebooks, we think of these easygoing, basic notebooks, perfect for those who are living the cloud life. But now, there is officially a Chromebook out there for any individual’s needs. First sought out as the perfect educational companion for schools across the country (mainly because they were so affordable), the Chromebook has gone to the highest level of design and prestige (ahem, Google’s Chromebook Pixel at $1,000), to the most modest of designs by countless companies; and don’t forget, everything in between.

AcerChromebook14-1Acer’s latest, the Chromebook 14 for Work, gained headlines last week, being touted as its fastest Chromebook yet. It’s also the first from Acer to work with Google’s Chrome for Work program, hence the oh-so creative name. What this means most of all, is that Acer will be marketing the notebook towards enterprise customers. Many of the device’s features set it apart from past Acer Chromebooks, such as a more durable glass screen, military spec compliance, and a tough build.

AcerChromebook14-2Previous Acer Chromebooks have had trim and delicate physiques. This time around, we’re looking at something a bit different. Powered by a pretty nice processor, Acer uses the latest from Intel Core, the i5 Skylake CPU. The Chromebook 14 for Work also comes with a full HD display, pioneering the use of Corning’s new Gorilla Glass, a very durable glass finish “that can be personalized through various photos”. It comes with 8GB of RAM, there is a webcam featuring 720p, and ports include USB Type-C, three USB 3.1s, Display Port, HDMI, and audio jack. Also, the keyboard is spill-resistant, and the battery is said to run a full 12 hour by countless sources (The Verge).

Just as a comparison, Acer’s previous iteration of the Chromebook couldn’t stand up to the new 14 for Work. The Chromebook 14 featured Intel Celeron for its processing power, and no Gorilla Glass protection. One thing it did have was an aluminum chassis, whereas the 14 for Work sports a rough plastic exterior. This is part of the “work” features the new Chromebook takes on, such as military spec compliance. Go ahead, take this thing to work with you, spill something on it, get your fingerprints all over the display (and they’ll surely show up), drop it even, this Chromebook wants to participate in Take Your Computer to Work Day. As of now, prices and available are yet to be announced.

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