Kangaroo Mobile Desktop Pro, Small, Affordable, and Port-Wealthy

KangarooMobileProKangaroo Mobile, first released in desktop form by InFocus, global pioneer in visual communications, made waves in the ultra-low end PC market by giving consumers something ultra powerful to work with. This week, we heard news of the new Kangaroo Mobile Desktop Pro, a full-fledged package of new features and improvements to the first small form-factor PC.

As the first Kangaroo Mobile Desktop came to the market, it was quickly found as a device to be used as a secondary computer, not a complete replacement to your own desktop. However, the device came with more ports than any HDMI dongle seen on the market so far, so Kangaroo’s potential was quickly made more than apparent. Now, InFocus has been showing off the second iteration of its smartphone-sized desktop PC. This time, the new Windows 10 Home Kangaroo Pro has a slew of new connectivity ports, providing the user with next-level practicality.

KangarooMobilePro1Kangaroo Pro’s biggest new feature, according to Mobile Marketing Watch or MMW, include the new Dock Pro with VGA, HDMI, and Ethernet connectivity. There’s also one USB 3.0 port, two USB 2.0 ports, a 2.5-inch hard drive bay (fitting up to 9.5mm HDD), and an audio port. Previous specs remain, such as the Intel Atom processor, 2GB of RAM, 32GB of eMMc storage, fingerprint reader, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, MicroSD slot, and a 4 hour battery. Lawrence Yen, director of Kangaroo product marketing, says applications for this device are more versatile, and more pronounced than any mobile PC you can find on the market. Take a mouse, keyboard, and display (a smartphone, an iPad), and the Kangaroo Pro transforms into a full-fledged Windows 10 desktop PC.

The most appreciated new feature has to be the added VGA connection, making this thing work with “virtually any PC monitor or projector for uncompressed media files, Microsoft Office desktop programs, as a presentation device, or as an on-the-go travel companion”, says MMW. For just $140 on Amazon, cheaper than the Intel Compute Stick, I’d say the Kangaroo Pro’s wealth of ports is well worth every penny.

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