Dell’s Sleeker Business Hybrid, the Latitude 12 7275 Takes on Surface Pro

DellLatitude12-7275When picking out a brand new Dell laptop, what are you expecting out of it? Are you willing to pay premium? Go the hybrid 2-in-1 route? I’d sure think so, considering hybrids are becoming the new, and nearly default, design of choice among laptop customers. Microsoft, for one, does a fantastic job at building these bad boys. Take the Surface Pro, for example, a high-end beauty of a PC hybrid that has pretty much set the bar for how great these things can be. As far competing tech companies, they all have their own iterations by now, some well received and others not so much. But Dell on the other hand, after a few attempts, has decided to up the ante with its latest hybrid 2-in-1, the Latitude 12 7275.

Like many Dell Latitudes, this guy is all about business. Dell takes itself seriously, yet within means. Dell’s design of choice for this particular laptop stems from Microsoft’s Surface Pro quite a bit, adding in enough attractiveness and fun than Dell usually incorporates in Latitudes. Go ahead, “whip one out in a meeting or at a local Starbucks, no problem”, Ars Technica says.

DellLatitude12-7275-1As Digital Trends jokes, the Latitude 12 might “be down for a good time”. Offering two different keyboard options, both with a kickstand on the back, rather than the common 360-degree hinge modeling, the screens don’t complete the device’s structure. Instead, they lift off and the kickstand just sits there as a separate piece. I think Dell did this to add a sleekness appeal, but definitely don’t forget the kickstand at home, unless you’re fine with having just a tablet all day long.

Onto specs, at a thickness of .32 inches (pushed to .67 inches with the keyboards attached) and a weight of only 1.61 pounds, the Dell Latitude 12 7275 is thin enough to be compared to more stylish devices, such as the iPad Pro, over most typical business hybrid machines. It’s 12-inch display comes with a full HD touchscreen, or a higher 3840 x 2160 pixel count option (with support for Active Pen input, featuring 2,048 levels of pressure sensitivity). It comes with up to 8GB of RAM and 512GB of speedy NVMe SSD. Other specs include a 5MP front-facing camera, and an 8MP rear-facing camera, two USB Type-Cs (with Thunderbolt support), an SD card reader, microSIM, and a USB Type-A to Type-C dongle, which is amazing for staying productive if you’ve got older USB devices (Laptop Mag).

DellLatitude12-7275-2The Latitude 12 7000 is more of an attention getter than most we’ve seen, in both class, strength, and external attractiveness. We should also thank Dell for the added USB Type-C on both sides of the device, which will be helpful for most professionals (also meaning there is no struggling to wind cords around the back just to connect the laptop to an external display). However, for a hybrid, price is up there (starting at $1,050), and choosing which Latitude 12 7000 configuration is best for your lifestyle, although helpful, is only going to make your giving tree lose all its leaves. All in all, the Dell Latitude 12 7275: It’s great for being a powerful and portable machine with enough versatility to get your through the work day- presentations, meetings, and lunches, all while looking oh-so 2016.

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