Lenovo To Launch Phab, a 7-inch Phablet Exclusive to Flipkart in India

LenovoPhabLenovo must think it’s some hot stuff. Not only is its new phablet dubbed the Phab, but it sports a massive display, and runs a good hunk of change. The funny thing about phablets, in my eyes, has to be the general up and down consensus from consumers. As the larger phones came out (“larger” referring to 5 inches or larger), we all adored and wanted them. Then the fad changed and they became smaller and smaller as the years went on. Now some companies, like Apple and its latest iPhones for example, are bigger than they have ever been. Samsung, of course, started the whole concept, with its phablet originator being the Galaxy Note. Phone Arena says that as of late, most OEMs have “plateaued somewhere between the 5 and 6-inch mark”. It seems like consumers are happy with whatever Apple and Samsung put out. But tech giant Lenovo wants to do something different by offering the biggest phablet in a while, hopefully to convince the Indian market that it needs this huge 7-inch handset, dubbed the Phab.

This isn’t the first Phab from Lenovo, who just last year launched the Phab Plus in India- a 6.8-inch Full HD phablet at $284 US, or 18,490 Rs in India. The latest Phab sports the same 6.98-inch display (let’s just call it an even 7), but with a mediocre 720p resolution, an obvious step down from the Phab Plus’s 326ppi. The device, meant to fit in the mid-tier range, comes with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 SoC, 2GB of RAM, and 16GB of storage (expandable to 64GB via microSD slot).

LenovoPhab2The Phab’s cameras aren’t bad, with the rear-facing camera sporting 13MP, capable of shooting 1080p video, and the front-facing sporting 5MP. Connectivity is nothing new (but nice to have), including 4G LTE, Wi-Fi 820.11 b/g/n, GPS, and Bluetooth 4.0 It also runs Android 5.1 Lollipop, and the Vibe UI overlay launcher. This is an aging OS, so that’s something to take into account..

So the resolution sucks, but hey, at least such a large device (not running an amazing display) means plenty of room for a nice 4,350mAh battery, which Digital Trends says will run “for days on a single charge”. Pricing for the Lenovo Phab is at least a good amount cheaper than its big brother, around $185 US, or 11,999 Rs, with availability expected to launch exclusively via Flipkart flash sale April 21st. This is all happening in India, as we have yet to find out any information on launches in other countries.

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