The New Kindle Oasis Is a Pricey E-Reader, Targeted to Execs & Night Readers

KindleOasisWe recognize Amazon Kindles as these wonderful alternatives to reading on colored screens. The black and white e-readers are great for sitting at the pool, when the glaring sun would usually block any sort of legibility. Kindles have been offered in a variety of grades. With one of the highest rated, pricier versions being the recent Kindle Voyage, the latest from Amazon is called the Kindle Oasis. The even more expensive e-reader features some of the basic design elements of past Kindles, like the same 300ppi resolution, yet brings something completely fresh and different in terms of comfort and handling. Comfort is important when you’re plan for the evening is sitting with a glass of wine and reading 55 pages, at least that’s what I would plan on doing with the Kindle Oasis.

KindleOasis1The new design has been altered for one-handed reading, essentially eliminating any sort of distraction to the reader by offering side buttons for turning the page. The touchscreen is of course still there, but I find it genius that the effortless flick of a button could make zoning-out even easier (see how simple tech can sometimes outrun extravagance?). While previous Kindles have gone through crazy transitions in design and function (you may remember the very first one resembling some sort of geometric, abstract museum piece), it wasn’t long after that the more ergonomic, more desirable generation of Kindles arrived. The latest in Kindle architecture feature a “centered, portrait-mode rectangle screen, and uniform body that tapers subtly at the edges”, as stated by Mashable.

KindleOasis2This is a pricey Kindle. It’s $290 for the Wi-Fi only model, with an extra $70 for 3G. Let’s take a minute to understand why this version costs a good 3-4 times more than the average $80 Kindle. Besides the wondrous engineering that went into making the Oasis’s ease-of-use, it’s actually lighter (2 oz) than the Voyage, making it the lightest Kindle ever at 4.6 ounces. The 6-inch 3.4mm thick (or should I say “thin”) screen is, for the first time ever, as close to a square shape as it can get, and is no longer centered in the middle of the chassis. As seen in the photos exposing the rest of the body, you can see the difference of how you are to hold the device, which is of course a thicker area because it houses the CPU, storage, and battery. Speaking of, it’s ability to be used for months at a time without charging only intensifies its theme of an effortless reading experience (hence the name, Oasis). It can last this long thanks to a big battery and additional back-lighting LEDs for reading in your bed at night.

KindleOasis3Overall, if you’re a reader- like a book-addicted, might need to admit you have a problem reader, Kindles are going to beat any other tablet on the market. E-ink paper displays are simply the way to go (probably because they are so simple). Amazon says this particular model, in it’s expensive design and focus on nighttime reading, is primarily marketed to execs and other professionals, whose job is so demanding they do a lot of reading at night because they don’t have time to during the workday. ZD Net says, “You have to think Amazon did a great deal of market research before releasing a device like this”. They did. Let’s face it, Amazon knows what it’s doing. Kindle customers come back time and time again because the evolution of the Kindle “has achieved near-monopolistic market control”. It’s the perfect niche product, and releasing an expensive model is not going to deter Amazon Kindle fans. It might make ‘em have to run out and go get one, budget-friendly or not.

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