All the Reasons Why We Should Drop Our Jaws at HP’s New Spectre

“The Spectre Notebook is the best notebook HP’s ever made. It is also the thinnest notebook we’ve ever made. It is a marriage of engineering and design working together..It incorporates the highest performance Intel Core processors. When you look at the Spectre, it doesn’t look like any other notebook out there..This is the balance of great engineering, and beautiful lifestyle design...”- HP

HpSpectre13If you haven’t already noticed, HP is obsessively in love with its new Spectre Notebook. Grabbing bits from its latest promo video, you already get the jist. But, let’s remain objective here, and get down to the specifics. To start, the 13-inch Spectre measures a mere 10.4mm (.41 inches) thick, and weighs 2.45 pounds. Thinner than Lenovo’s 14.9mm latest Yoga 2-in-1, Asus’s 12.3mm Zenbook UX305FA, and even the new Apple 13.1mm MacBook, it is in fact holding the title as the world’s thinnest laptop.

HpSpectre13-1Yes, it’s that thin, but what about all this talk of luxury, design, craftsmanship, and other hints of prestige HP had to get into its 2 minute promo video? It’s worthy to begin with the fact that HP somehow crammed Intel’s Core i-series of processors into the thinnest laptop in the world, rather than the much more common route of “Core M for thin”. I just made that up, hooray for me. Beyond that feat, It’s also pretty beautiful. It’s body has been designed using carbon fibre, plus those added copper accents really give it a unique color combination that comes off as stylish (although NDTV refers to it as “bling”).

HpSpectre13-2If you’re not all about looks when it comes to love, maybe the Spectre’s specs will hit you with cupid’s arrow. There’s a backlit keyboard, glass trackpad, and scratch-resistant edge-to-edge Gorilla Glass IPS display, at full HD 1080p. Intel comes in either Core i5 or i7 Skylake CPU options, which is possible to exist in the Spectre notebook thanks to Intel’s hyperbaric cooling system, which avoids overheating in such a tiny chassis. You’ll also find up to 512GB of SSD storage, and 8GB of memory. Strangely, all connectivity ports are located on the backside, rather than each side of the notebook. There, you will find 3 USB Type-C’s, supporting “charging, data transfer, and external displays”. There are also two Thunderbolt ports at speeds of up to 40gb/s, and an apparent battery life of nine hours via the Spectre’s hybrid 4-cell 2-piece battery (Gizmag).

More words (from HP) suggest that we should be impressed with the Spectre notebook’s jewelry-like appearance, as if an “Artisan” handcrafted it, rather than it been born manufactured. Using USB Type-C as its main stage of connectivity is the latest and greatest in tech, so we should love that aspect of it. Digital Trends reports that HP expects the “best user experience coupled with maximum performance”, and thus far, there hasn’t been enough argument to say otherwise (maybe the big reviews will come out with some complaints, but as of right now, let’s admit this is a nice piece of machinery). The price will begin at $1,170 for the Intel Core i5, 8GB of RAM, and 256 SSD model, and $1,250 for the same RAM and storage specs, but featuring Intel Core i7. Pre-ordering will begin May 22, 2016.

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