New IPhone/Android Common Charger, LMcable, on Kickstarter

LmCableLightningMircoUsbCableJust the other day, a friend of mine was without her phone charger at my house. After mentioning her iPhone 5 was about to die, I said “hmm, I wonder if we can just use my husband’s Samsung charger without it blowing anything up”. We didn’t try, just for the record. But it would have been nice for her to avoid the dead smartphone syndrome. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, I find it funny that we’re living in 2016 and still needing charging cables for everything. It’s ironic that our multi-definition, gazillion pixel-count flat screens, and 2 pound ultra-thin laptops are still requiring a mess of cords. Until the day comes where our devices are all charged via instantaneous electrical magic, we need some sort of hope in dulling down the amount of chargers we have to carry around. As of now, many of us have a smartphone, plus either a tablet or laptop lugging around with us.

LmCableLightningMircoUsbCable2Thanks to a recent Kickstarter project, there is a glimmer of hope to this oh-so technical problem. With Apple and Samsung devices in the hands of consumers everywhere, there is also an Apple Lightning Cable and a Micro USB cable not too far away. The good thing about Samsung’s charging cable, a.k.a the Micro USB, is it works with a variety of other things besides just the Galaxy S7. However, wouldn’t it be amazing if you could charge your iPhone 6 or your Galaxy S7 with the same cable? Kickstarter campaign LMcable, after pledging a mere goal of $3,582, already raised more than $123,000 in efforts to make this possible.

LmCableLightningMircoUsbCable1The cable includes a gold-striped Lightning connection on one side, and Micro USB on the other side. It charges via a maximum current of 2.4 A, and according to LMcable, the inner wires are “10 times more durable than the regular wires” (The Verge).

LMcable has over 4,500 backers, and by just that notion, there is truth to the need and want for a device such as this. This certainly isn’t the first successful product to do what it does (however it’s obvious why Samsung or Apple wouldn’t have ever had a hand in the idea), but should you decide to use one, it needs to come from a reputable company. On that note, the LMcable group decided not to seek out certification, and will be selling its product without any sort of agreement from Apple, who has specific “Made for iPhone” standards on its products. Still, many are taking the risk and backing the LMcable, and are excited to receive theirs in April when the company begins shipping units.

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