Dell’s New Embedded PCs Aimed at OEM and Internet of Things Solutions

DellEmbeddedBoxPc3000-5000We know Dell makes white-box PCs, but that doesn’t mean we necessarily associate Dell with being a white-box PC maker, per say. Launching new Embedded Box PC 3000 and 5000 models means a lot for Dell, who says the rugged, fanless devices will come handy for industrial uses, as well as the Internet of Things (IoT). Most importantly, the new devices will aim to meet the strict requirements of the embedded systems sector, which as of now, is not being met by other companies, and is merely a hinder to the market.

DellEmbeddedBoxPc3000-5000-1These are the first purpose-built industrial PC products Dell has ever created for the mainstream market, says Tech News World. As the embedded computing market keeps getting larger, valued at more than 11 billion dollars in 2014, and expected to reach 23 billion dollars by 2019, the need for reliable sources is extravagant. The market needs short lead times, device reliability, security, manageability, scalability, and the ability to work in harsh conditions.

DellEmbeddedBoxPc3000-5000-2Between Dell’s reputation for rugged engineering innovation, and experience in OEM solutions (est. 1999), this new series will genuinely assist the Internet of Things by “positioning the new PCs as collectors of sensor data”. The Embedded Box PC 3000 Series will be powered by Intel Atom processors, built to come in handy in situations where space is limited. We should see these devices in retail kiosks, vending machines, and cars. The Embedded Box PC 5000 Series, powered by Intel Core-i processors, are built for input/output scalability, and high bandwidth. They will come in handy in the IoT environment, manufacturing, and industrial PC environments (ZD Net).

The more automated the industrial sector becomes, the more prestigious and specialized Dell intends to become at OEM and IoT solutions. These Embedded Box PCs will be controlled and managed by the customer, while Dell provides the unit’s support and updates. Dell is confident this will get these systems into the hands of customers faster than its competition. As far as availability, both the Embedded Box PC 5000 Series and 3000 Series will be seen in select countries later this year.

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