With the Help From BQ and Canonical, We Have the First Ubuntu Tablet Ever

UbuntuAquarisM10TabletDo we know any tablets that sport Ubuntu? No. But it’s about time to get excited, especially after hearing various companies discussing the idea. By Spanish smartphone manufacturer, BQ, partnering with UK-based computer software company (and Ubuntu developer), Canonical, the two have finally delivered on their promise. The new 10.1-inch Aquaris M10 Ubuntu Edition tablet, said to work as a PC as well as mobile device, was announced just last week, and is planned to be officially unveiled at the Mobile World Congress at the end of this month.

“Convergence” is the name of Ubuntu Linux fan’s long-awaited operating system from Canonical, and in the literal sense, is an OS that “seamlessly transitions between mobile and desktop environments”. It is how this new tablet-PC device is possible. The Aquaris M10 is the world’s first Ubuntu tablet, and is just a keyboard and mouse away from providing the same experience you get from a regular desktop. In fact, once you plug in your favorite peripherals, the “10.1 inch tablet switches from a full-screen mobile layout to a windowed user interface” (The Verge).

UbuntuAquarisM10Tablet1Borrowing the existing Aquaris M10 model tablet from BQ, the new Ubuntu tablet has a solid spec report. Since we’re still waiting for more specific details, hopefully fans will be okay knowing that there will be an FHD display, 1080p video, 2GB of RAM, 16GB of internal storage (with about 11GB available for use), a 1.5 GHz MediaTek processor, microSD card slot (capable of up to 64GB), micro HDMI port, an 8MP camera featuring autofocus and dual flash, 802.11n Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0, GPS, FM radio, and a 7,280mAh battery. Thanks ZD Net, for all those details.

So although OMG Ubuntu first leaked the rumor of Convergence back in January and it was never assured, there is nothing to hide now. The BQ Aquaris M10 isn’t available for purchase yet, but we do know it will be priced around $230, and that with shipment starting in March. The Aquaris M10 marks a huge transition for Canonical. With the arrival of Convergence, the company’s goal of finally having one operating system and one interface for all its devices is here, once and for all.

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