Vuzix Promises Hands-Free Mobile Computing With the M300 VR Headset

VuzixM300-2Virtual Reality (VR) has been a big spotlight in the news for a while. You’ve noticed, right? Anyone paying attention knows that Oculus and Apple aren’t the only names in the game anymore. Microsoft came out with its HoloLens, HTC has the Vive, Playstation has Project Morpheus, and Vuzix has its very own line of not just VR headsets, but mobile, PC, and Augmented Reality (AR) solutions as well. The latest is Vuzix’s iWear Wireless, an immersive device that “stands on its own”. Unlike other VR platforms, Vuzix’s version doesn’t require an external computer or smartphone to power it. For $499, iWear Wireless, in all of its black, Robocop helmet glory, is the exciting new next-generation M300 model from the innovative company who originally brought us the M100 from CES 2014.

VuzixM300-1We can hear about new VR platforms until the cows come home, but let’s face it, most of the companies announcing their new visions and products for VR aren’t even shipping yet. Most likely, the announcement is just an announcement. A tease. Not Vuzix, however. Founded back in 1997, this company has been shipping its AR and VR devices since 2001, where its first consumer product, the iCOM personal internet browser, was released. The company also made a big hit with its M100 back in 2013, but has since been working on addressing the areas its consumers felt needed some attention.

VuzixM300The M300 VR headset, a.k.a. Monocular Waveguide Smart Glasses, from Vuzix is suitable for a wide variety of professional settings. These include industrial, retail, medical, remote help desk, supply chain, and other businesses (Maximum PC). According to Vuzix, they are Android-based, enhanced with a monocular display and Intel Atom onboard processor, 2GB of RAM plus expandable memory, recording features, GPS, and wireless connectivity. It comes pre-loaded with apps, is compatible with thousands of existing Android apps, and even allows the creation of custom apps for your own personal needs.

This latest configuration, dubbed as a “solution to Google Glass”, is for anyone who wants digital connectivity hands-free. Anything from 2-way video to AR overlays, the M300 are “next-gen AR glasses that bring next -generation waveguide-based wearable eyewear for the enterprise sector”. Although I mentioned Vuzix’s reputation of getting its products out quickly, the M300 is not exactly commercial just yet. In response, the company will be offering pre-ordering customers it’s M100/M300 Migration Package, where individuals with first receive the M100 for immediate use until the M300 comes out this summer.

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