The Samsung Galaxy TabPro S Is a Refreshing Take on the Surface Pro

GalaxyTabProSI don’t know what is more popular these days - tablets, convertibles, or ultra-thin laptops. However, I do know one thing, Samsung sure has its head screwed on straight when it comes to competition. The latest from the company is a Microsoft’s Surface Pro match-up. Dubbed the Galaxy TabPro S, this could very well be a home run for the company. Revealed at CES last week, Samsung showed the world that its line of higher-end Android devices could in fact include a lovely Windows 10 2-in-1. The Galaxy TabPro S is a super thin, metal-framed device, packed with a Core M processor. In terms of style and functionality, this sleek device could give Microsoft a run for its money.

GalaxyTabProS1Described as a 2-in-1 that “combines the light and thin form factor of Samsung’s Galaxy Tab series with software that allows it to be a legit work machine”, the Galaxy TabPro S was, by far, the highlight of Samsung’s presence at CES 2016. Convertibles are the trendiest PC devices at the moment, and nearly every company is coming out with an option. This option is a thin 6.3mm (.25-inches), which is 26 percent thinner and 35 percent lighter than the (Core M) Surface Pro 4. Sans the keyboard (which attaches via magnets), it weighs just 1.53 pounds. It sports a magnesium alloy frame and plastic back, and a 12-inch super AMOLED display (as opposed to the more traditional IPS) with 2160 x 1440 pixel resolution (PC Mag).

GalaxyTabProS2It runs a 6th generation Intel Core M processor (clocked at 2.2GHz), comes with 4GB of RAM, and either 128GB or 256GB of internal storage. Samsung prides itself on its fast-charging technology, and in the Galaxy TabPro S, you can expect it to fully charge its 5,200mAh battery in 2.5 hours. It charges via USB-C, the only connectivity port you are going to find here (if you’re not counting the audio out port). Other features include fingerprint sensor technology, which is to be used with an accompanying Galaxy smart device, and an optional Bluetooth stylus, said to be similar to the Microsoft Surface Pen.

Samsung traditionally builds high quality, beautiful-looking machines, and this one is no different. Despite such a thin physique, its sturdy frame makes it feel robust. The display is lovely, and there’s plenty of storage, but, sometimes thinness comes with a price. Port options are miniscule, and if you want to hook up your favorite peripherals, you’re going to have to invest in a Samsung port hub. Thankfully, the keyboard comes as part of the cost, and according to The Inquirer, it beats the Surface Pro 4 keys by allowing better travel. Finally, the Core M chip does just fine, allowing fluid exchanges between windows and apps. There’s a lot of promise here. Business consumers love 2-in-1s because of their portability - just add in Samsung’s knack at building premium devices, and it looks like there’s a new Windows 10 device on the market to beat.

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