The HP EliteBook Folio Takes on Apple’s Minimalism and Sleek Design

HpEliteBookFolioDoesn’t it feel like everything is starting to look more beautiful? From cars, to smartphones, to speakers, and laptops, everything is getting sleeker and slimmer. It could just be a trend of the times, right? I mean, you can’t deny that the boxy, sharp-edged look was the thing for a long time. But now the wonderful world of technology and innovation has officially been put on the map. As technology gets smaller, so can devices- and as of 2016, small equals stylish. We are, afterall, a consuming, trendsetting society, and we LOVE to show off our things. After reporting on one ultra thin laptop after another, it’s become apparent that the current competition goes beyond amazing specs, but great looks as well. Take a look at the new HP EliteBook Folio, and you’ll see why this impressively thin and light laptop could take a stand next to Apple’s MacBook.

There are multiple reasons why this laptop is expected to give the 12-inch MacBook a run for its money. For one, the fact it’s running Windows 10 Pro (over the cheaper Windows 10 Home) makes this high-end, feathery light device ideal for business consumers. Living up to specs is one thing, maintaining that delicate balance of minimalism and function is how you get the real deal.

HpEliteBookFolio1HP’s EliteBook Folio is very easy on the eyes. The 12.5-inch laptop sports a silver-hued aluminum construction, black keyboard, and spacious touchpad; plus a lovely 180-degree hinge (in case you want to tilt it back flat against a table). It features a 1080p display, with higher configurations (up to 4K) beating Apple’s 2,302 x 1440 resolution in the MacBook. It runs an Intel Core M processor (M3, M4, or M5) from its latest Skylake line, intended specifically for super-thin laptops and tablets. Storage variants include the option of having a 128GB SSD, all the way up to a 512GB SSD, and it comes with a sturdy 8GB of RAM (The Verge).

When I mentioned minimalism, I was referring to some of the areas that HP sacrificed, probably in order to acquire such a thin and portable device. For one, there is no room for a full-sized USB port (yes, this means you need an entirely separate adapter just to plug in a mouse or USB stick), but you will get two USB-C slots, which come compatible with Thunderbolt 3 for an external display. There is no SD card reader, and no mini HDMI port.

HpEliteBookFolio2The EliteBook Folio may be lacking in the connectivity department, but there are reasons why HP wants to see business folk buying this machine. Its sound system is tuned for voice and video calls. Despite the more powerful laptop brands unveiled at CES, business and consumers should enjoy its quiet, fanless design, not to mention its light and portable construction (putting in a larger CPU would’ve probably sacrificed its thin body). Plus, there’s nothing wrong with 6th gen Intel. The display is of pretty high quality, and its OS is perfect for the professional environment (Windows 10 Pro comes with BitLocker encryption, and built-in IT policy deployment) (Cnet). So, if you’re looking for something with style and functionality, I think the EliteBook Folio meets that criteria. However, take a moment to imagine accomplishing your daily tasks sans important connectivity ports. The laptop will come with several configuration options, and be available in March.

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