CES: Lenovo Expands the X1 Carbon Family With Tablet and ThinkPad Laptop

LenovoX1Carbon2Lenovo is going big this year, so let’s just keep soaking in the CES news in all directions. The company is continuing to work on the X1 laptop brand, releasing what seems to be one X1 Carbon model after another. Last year, we loved the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon. It was fast, with a “14-inch screen in a 13-inch package”, but it needed a little bit of improvement. Generally known as light, powerful, high-end machines, Lenovo aims to please the pro laptop crowd with a couple of new X1 Carbon options, including a new tablet.

LenovoX1Carbon1First is the ThinkPad X1 Tablet. Think Microsoft Surface Pro, as far the slate-plus-keyboard design. This 2-in-1 tablet features a detachable keyboard, an optional stylus, plus a trio of unique modules for added productivity. One feature, for $149, is a wireless docking hub, that allows an extra 5 hours of battery life, extra ports (like HDMI), and wired docking. There’s a projector module ($279) for business presentations and movies, and 3D image module ($149) for taking incredible 3D pictures. The tablet itself runs for $899. Sure, you won’t get the same amount of power that you would out of a Surface Pro device, but this 12-inch tablet has plenty to boast about. Just the display alone is worth considering- with a 2140 x 1440 3:2 ratio screen, you’re getting the real deal. It also features Intel’s Core M CPU, up to 1TB storage, and 16GB of RAM. Shipping will start in February (Engadget).

LenovoX1CarbonOnto the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon laptop. Measuring just .65 inches thick and weighing 2.6 pounds, this device has a starting price of $1,299. For any Lenovo lover, the design, including its glittering black-on-black chassis, basic chiclet-style keyboard, and 175-degree hinge, will seem familiar. There is no touchscreen option, no 4K option, and the keyboard is stuck on there for life (this is a laptop, not a 2-in-1). As far as specs, and in comparison to last year’s model, Lenovo went all the way in terms of storage, offering up to 1TB (from 512GB), and 16GB of RAM. Processing power has been amped up to an Intel Core i7 processor, which is wonderful and completely up-to-date for a high-end mobile workstation. Battery power, a sensitive subject for last year’s device that ran for only 5 hours before croaking, now features 11 entire hours. Lastly, connectivity options for the Lenovo X1 Carbon laptop include 3 USBs, and a microSD, both improvements to last year’s single USB and lack of SD card slot. There is also WAN support and OneLink+ support (Tech Radar).

For an expensive line of devices, it is important to know you will be getting premium upgrade options. With the ThinkPad X1 Carbon laptop, Lenovo didn’t show too much innovation. You’d think by dropping touchscreen and 4K support, the device could weigh a little less. However, seeing the battery issue and SD expansion completely resolved is important. I hope consumers will find a balance between the give and take. Shipping will begin in February.

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