Lenovo at CES: The Yoga 900S, World’s Thinnest Convertible

Lenovo900sHooray! It is finally that time again! The 2016 Consumer Electronics Show is well underway, and that means endless computer and gadget-making companies are going to grace us with their latest. What better company to start off with than Lenovo, who, after releasing its Yoga 900 convertible laptop just a few months back, already has a fantastic new updated version to show off. The Lenovo Yoga 900S doesn’t bring a couple hardware improvements and call it a day, nope. The 12.5-inch 900S is currently the world’s thinnest convertible, and is thinner and lighter than the popular MacBook Air.

Lenovo900s1Now, measuring just .33 inches, the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 still comes in at number one as the thinnest 2-in-1 hybrid in the world. The Lenovo Yoga 900s, a hinged convertible hybrid, measures .5 inches and weighs just 2.2 pounds. Speaking of that hinge, Lenovo knows consumers enjoy that folding screen you can rotate 360 degrees, found in all of the Yoga breed. Despite not being able to detach that keyboard, you still get that 2-in-1 ability when folded completely in half and made into a tablet.

Lenovo900s2Its 12.5-inch display features a 2560 x 1440 QHD touchscreen, if you’re going for the highest configuration. That incredibly sleek figure, which is 15 percent thinner and 11 percent lighter than the Yoga 900, is all thanks to great engineering. Having said that, Lenovo still manages to fit enough battery inside to keep the device running for 10.5 hours, after seeing an average of 9 hours in the Yoga 900, according to Gizmag’s report.

We should all know by now that designing something so very thin usually means there has to be some sort of internal compromise. Since it’s become obvious that battery power isn’t suffering here, what else could it be? Before you say CPU, Lenovo did make a bit of a quality cut, but not enough to complain too much about. The Yoga 900s contains an Intel Core M7 processor (built specially for thinner laptops), a bit of a step away from Intel’s latest Core i7 used in its predecessor, but satisfactory for any casual laptop user.

The highest configuration option also includes up to 8GB of RAM and a 512GB SSD, integrated Intel HD graphics, a USB 3.0 Type A and Type C with video out, as well as Windows 10 out of the box (Gizmag). It will be available as soon as March, priced from $1,099 and up, in silver and a champagne gold with a black chassis. We all know people love their thin and sleek devices, but could this trend of going thinner get any more extreme?

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