Xandem Is a Camera-Free, Radio-Waved Alternative to Home Security

XandemHomeSecurityToday, there are more options than ever for home security systems, many of which involve the use of two-way audio and video to see the home. But the truth is, just because home security systems are reaping the benefits of advanced and innovative technology, doesn’t mean connected camera systems are the best option for protecting your home. They typically only monitor one room at a time, can feel intrusive, and also carry the risk of a different kind of intruder- a virtual spy. The Xandem Home system offers a different kind of protection, using invisible sensor webs to detect motion through walls and even furniture. Now this is the way of the future.

XandemHomeSecurity1Traditional motion sensors are very conspicuous. However, when you use a net of invisible sensors across your home, you get a more complete coverage of protection, all while staying nicely hidden. That’s exactly how Xandem Home can protect the home without the use of cameras. Xandem founder Dr. Joey Wilson wants readers to understand “Xandem Home is not just a new product, it’s a completely new sensing technology. It is like no other on the market because it is built on cutting-edge research and offers advantages that are not possible with other technologies” (Gizmag).

XandemHomeSecurity2Wilson is referring to Xandem Home’s eight years of hard work and dedication, where efforts in using tomographic motion detection for home security are finally paying off. Radio waves are what create this web of invisible sensors, detecting motion not just in one room, but in and around all rooms, at all times. The other part of Xandem’s technology is the use of algorithms to detect when and if someone is disrupting the invisible web; also knowing if the object is a certain size, it’s probably just a pet and not an intruder.

iTechPost says a 1,500 square foot home would probably require 10 to 15 Xandem nodes to cover the entirety of the ground. That equates to two Xandem Home kits, and with a price tag of $475 per 10-node kit, full home protection doesn’t come cheap. Thanks to the Xandem TMD mobile app, you’ll be able to see the intruder in your home, even going from room to room. Even though this part sounds scary, rest assured an alarm will have already been triggered. Xandem Home currently has a crowdfunding campaign up on Indiegogo, hoping to raise $100,000. The idea has already proven itself to be a good one. It is nearly there, at $96,381 today.

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