Asus Announces New N Series With Skylake Processing and Nvidia GPUs

AsusNSeriesLaptops1Asus does a good job saying what’s what when it comes to high standards in laptop hardware. Wondering what that currently means? It means saying “Yes” to Intel’s new Skylake CPUs, which are becoming the “it” factor in most computers and mobile devices right now. Asus has announced some new models to add to its N series of laptops. Launching in two different sizes, we will see both Intel processing power as well as Nvidia graphics featured in the N series notebooks.

The sizes include the 15.6-inch Asus N552, and the 17.3-inch Asus N772, both of which can be fitted with a 4K IPS display. Did I not mention that earlier? Well, it’s true. Asus decided to go premium with the N series, allowing base models to sport 768p or 1080p, but offering the true 4K panels as the main event.

AsusNSeriesLaptopsPretend I didn’t say anything about the N series base models and imagine this lovely 3,840 x 2,160 displayed device with 100 percent sRGB color coverage. Also imagine it featuring Intel’s quad-core i7 CPU, sporting 16GB of DDR4 RAM, and 512GB of solid state drive storage (sustaining a read rate of 1,500 Mbps at its highest). Then, to top off this nearly perfectly specced laptop, give it Nvidia’s latest GTX 960M (desktop-class) gaming graphics, capable of anything from 3D rendering, to what it’s actual job is meant for- longer, more efficient periods of gaming.

Because the exterior is important (although who even cares at this point), let us note that the Asus N series laptops feature aluminum-clad lids and keyboards. Along the side, we’ll find a single USB Type-C port, three traditional USB 3.0’s, an RJ45 Ethernet port, HDMI port, headphone and mic jack, and mini DisplayPort. Right around now, we’d usually expect some semi-rated speakers to continue the discussion (some laptop companies think it’s okay to skimp this area). Instead, Asus apparently took sound very seriously when picking an audio system, opting for “SonicMasters”, along with “B&O ICEpower class-D amplifiers” (Digital Trends).

AsusNSeriesLaptops2There you have it. Asus intentionally built around some of the best CPU options Intel provides, then adds in “gaming grade” graphics, and lovely amounts of storage options. The N series notebooks are definitely capable of both personal PC-ing, a.k.a. browsing, emailing, note taking, but also dressed for success- ready for those big tasks and demanding graphics. We’re still waiting on price and availability.

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