Zolt’s Laptop Charger Plus Can Charge Your Smartphone, Tablet, and Laptop All at Once

ZoltLaptopChargerPlusPowering up your devices isn’t as simple as it used to be. In fact, sitting at your favorite coffee shop might turn into a frustrating battle to get that last open outlet. On top of that, I bet you need to charge your laptop and your smartphone or tablet. Good luck with that, so does everyone else! Luckily, one company named Zolt wants to come to our rescue in the charging woes department. We first heard about Zolt during CES back in January, but now the tiny laptop charging device, the Laptop Charger Plus, is gearing up to ship out to pre-ordered customers.

ZoltLaptopChargerPlus1Zolt’s Laptop Charger Plus is far from any laptop charging brick, which can be a real drag to drag around sometimes (get it?). Isn’t it a pain how our laptops keep getting thinner and smaller, but the devices that charge them stay big and bulky? Besides being about the size of a D battery, the Laptop Charger Plus can charge other devices other than your laptop, including tablets and smartphones, using three USB ports. The company has been testing and testing its Laptop Charger Plus and is now confident it is “the first UL-certified device that can charge a laptop and two mobile devices at the same time”. It will work with most any laptop you have, as long as it isn’t from 1980 or insists on 85 watts of power to stay on.

ZoltLaptopChargerPlus2Slash Gear says Zolt’s Laptop Charger Plus “is all about efficiency of space”, fully replacing what you would use for your 11-inch or 13-inch MacBook. Each charger has a specially molded USB plug with three ports, including one port for your laptop/PC, and two regular USB ports with enough power to charge any iPad or iPhone at full speed (subject to your computer’s limitations, of course). The plug rotates 90 degrees to make it easier to squeeze into those tight power strips and outlets you find at Starbucks.

Engadget says Zolt is currently working on some upgraded models for the near future, which would bring faster charging, USB-C options, and even built-in battery models for charging on-the-go. Current models already have the ability to know which device is at its lowest charge, and distributes power to the device that needs it the most. The team has something here. I think making it a priority for the Laptop Charger Plus to charge three devices at once was the smartest move Zolt could make to separate its product from the pack. If you think so too, you’re welcome to pre-order yours for $99.

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