The Ultra Thin and Light 2-In-1 DynaPad Goes up Against the Surface pro 4

ToshibaDynaPadDo you remember something called the DynaPad? It sounds like something from thirty years ago, doesn’t it? Well, you’re not crazy if you’re wondering why I’m bringing this up. DynaPad is an old computer brand from Toshiba (back when computers were just starting to become a “thing”), and now it’s here for a rebranding! The 2-in-1 Windows 10-running machine is raring to go up against the Microsoft Surface Pro 4, and is being dubbed as the “thinnest and lightest 12-inch mobile notebook in the world”.

ToshibaDynaPad1Just when you think things couldn’t get thinner than the Surface Pro 4, along comes Toshiba’s revamped DynaPad. First revealed at the IFA in Berlin last month, the 12-inch 2-in-1 notebook comes with a 1920 x 1280 resolution (featuring anti-reflection and anti-fingerprint coating), and is made from a monocoque carbon material, with a beautiful rubberized gold finish (Gizmag). The 1.25 pound tablet measures just 6.9mm thick, and transforms from a standalone tablet into a traditional laptop by just a simple snap of a detachable keyboard (which also functions as the tablet’s kickstand). Since we’re comparing this to the Microsoft equivalent, the DynaPad’s measurements are in fact sleeker than the 9.1mm, 1.66 pound Surface Pro 4 (ZDNet).

ToshibaDynaPad2Before getting to internal hardware, the Toshiba DynaPad has been highly anticipated due to some of the unique features it has. Of these features is its ability to function as both a digital note taker and image creator. The stylus it comes with, the Wacom Active Electrostatics TruPen, works with both Microsoft Suite apps and Toshiba’s own line of business apps, and is able to provide 2,048 levels of pressure (Cnet). The reason we especially care about this is because of how well the stylus is reportedly working with the tablet’s metal mesh sensor touchscreen. If you enjoy using a stylus, and it especially feeling like the “real thing” of pen on paper, you will enjoy using the Wacom TruPen for you note taking, doodling, gaming playing, and presentation making.

So, it’s a super thin 2-in-1, with great resolution, and a pen that pulls off natural, but powerful note taking. What kind of hardware is the DynaPad packing? Well, there’s an Intel Atom processor, one not as strong as what you’ll find in the Surface Pro 4, and just 4GB of RAM (which seems rather limited). There’s an additional 128GB of flash memory, and a battery that stays alive for a good seven hours. The DynaPad isn’t officially on the market yet so pricing is currently unavailable, but most of us should be curious to see if it’s in fact competitive to the Surface Pro 4’s $899 starting price.

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