Make Any Room Interactive with Finger-Controlled Device, Bird

MuvInteractiveBirdIt’s about time we hear about a new gesture-controlled device. Everything in the news lately has been smartphones, VR, and set-top boxes, it seems. One Israeli-based startup, MUV Interactive, launched a tiny new device called Bird, a little plastic shell that straps to the index finger and controls any interactive environment. You could actually argue that Bird makes any environment interactive with just its presence.

Bird most likely gets its name from the way it looks as it is used, and the way it works may remind you of the Leap Motion, Nod, and Mycestro devices, which all function using the motions of your finger. Bird works using swipe, pull, move, grab, rotate, push, and hover motions. By syncing up with the display piece of your choice, like the TV or projector screen, you instantly have a virtual touchscreen in front of you. Sensors inside of Bird allow this virtual manipulation at a distance of up to 300 inches (Tech Times).

MuvInteractiveBird1One good thing about Bird, also linking it more to the likes of Nod, Mycestro, and Leap Motion, is it isn’t limited to just gaming and TV functions, like the Nintendo Wii and Microsoft Kinect are, for example. It’s an all around virtual mouse, and its uses include, but aren’t limited to: business presentations, lessons in the classroom, and even uses in a medical setting. MUV CEO and co-founder Rami Parham says, Bird “can seamlessly replace multiple input devices”, while issuing final commands via Bluetooth. This means Bird has the say in controlling other devices and apps, kind of acting like your very own intuitive remote control (BGR).

I’d say the best thing about Bird is the fact that you don’t need your smartphone, at all. Most instances of Internet of Things devices involve the use of a smartphone as an in-between mediator to interact with the application. MUV, as stated on its website, claims that Bird is the only remote control necessary, ultimately freeing you from your tablet and smartphone. One finger, one device, and all of your rooms transform into interactive experiences. MUV is currently working on professional and educational applications, where intuitive interaction with digital objects could have great potential in these settings. You can grab yourself a Bird by pre-ordering (priced at $149 for the first 10,000 ordered) on the MUV Interactive website.

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