Microsoft Made an Xbox One Controller Adapter to Work with Windows 10

MicrosoftXboxOneAdapter2Life is all about convenience. Wait, scratch that. Technology is all about convenience; getting X done using Y, Z, or a combination of both. Things are changing, though, and more often we are able to get more done by using less. For example, our smartphones are becoming better helpers than ever, fulfilling a new assistant job to our computers and game systems. For example, I use my smartphone as a remote control for my Chromecast. Even if you’re not used to it yet, the beautiful concept of cross compatibility is ready and willing to be your helpful buddy, even when it comes to your game controllers. In this case, beloved Microsoft has chosen to give Xbox One users the sweet gift of being able to use their wireless controllers for other Windows-powered products, like PCs and tablets.

MicrosoftXboxOneAdapterUsing the (un-named) hardware adapter, gamers will be given a more versatile controlling experience. Having swivel sticks, triggers, and buttons are more suitable for certain games. The option of having a gamepad, rather than (or in addition to) using a keyboard, touchscreen or mouse, should work out wonderfully with game enthusiasts. The USB-based black dongle plugs into your Windows 10 computer, then syncs up with your Xbox One controller. Any games (PC or Xbox) can now be played on the other devices in your home, opening up the convenience of playing games in bed or in the office.

MicrosoftXboxOneAdapter1As stated by Cnet, “The adapter is a small but crucial piece of Microsoft’s goal to unite PCs, tablets, and the Xbox One video game console under the banner of Windows 10”. Since the Xbox One is also part of the company’s “universal apps” strategy, developers will modify games to run well on all three options of the Xbox One, Microsoft PCs, and Microsoft tablets (especially catered towards Windows 10).

The adapter runs for just $25, and for those of you who already own Xbox One controllers, great. For those that don’t, remember you’ll have to dish out $60 to get one. Realistically speaking, for most people who love to game, whether casually or big-time PC gaming, having a real game controller can improve the overall feel (and, a lot of the time, performance). The release of this adapter is even better news for fans of Windows 10 apps and games, who already spend a ton of time gaming on their devices. Gamers who are interested may find the wireless adapter at Microsoft’s online store as soon as October 22nd.

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