With El Capitan, Your Apple Device Will Be Smooth Sailin’

AppleElCapitanOSX10-11Most of us who own Apple devices have already upgraded to iOS 9, but we can’t forget the latest OS version for Macs, dubbed OS X 10.11 El Capitan, said to be more tightly intertwined with mobile than ever before. Apple drop kicks a new OS X update so often it’s been hard to keep up, and the company’s determination to refine the software is no small feat. Apparently El Capitan isn’t as “pretty” as previous upgrades (there’s nothing wrong with subtlety), but many features have been added to boost productivity: like enhanced search functions, organization tools, and more. A nice, fast, upgraded operating system is truly important for the average OS X user, who relies on smooth running software in order to get their work done.

AppleElCapitanOSX10-11-1El Capitan doesn’t work on all Mac devices, so don’t get your hopes up if your computer/laptop dates back more than 8 years (that’s just the universe telling you to upgrade, anyway). It’s basically the next step up for anyone running Yosemite, Mavericks, or Mountain Lion. Speaking of Mountain Lion, that and Snow Leapord (anyone remember Snow Leapord?), were known as some of the best system upgrades in the history of Apple’s OS X. Apple is hoping to follow the epitome of refinements these versions were known for, providing a lot of the same key features in efficiency. Of the three main items discussed on PC Mag, the first includes a Split Screen View that automatically adjusts to equal sized windows without fiddling with each one until they’re perfect (finally!). The second involves a more relaxed relationship with Apple’s Spotlight Search bar, which now allows a more natural language, such as “emails from mom” or “videos uploaded last month”, as sufficient search phrases. Finally, is a feature set to steal my own heart- the ability to make those pop-up videos silenced! Most of us know what it’s like to have several tabs open and spontaneously hear an unwarranted video start playing. Now, although Apple can’t keep the websites from doing that, El Capitan can enable a mute button specifically made to stomp out the unwanted sound.

AppleElCapitanOSX10-11-2Other notable items in the OS update include some subtle changes in the interface, a few tricks in the Notes app, some drop-down menus in Safari, Mail and Maps becoming integrated into the rest of the OS, as well as a better connection between mobile and laptop. In El Capitan, Apple’s efforts to tighten up overall performance can only be entertained by using it (and a million volunteer beta testers vouch for it). It’s not hard to see that everything is faster- faster running, and faster to launch. Not to mention, if you’re updating from Yosemite, the transition should be the simplest (everything you are used to will work slightly faster, slightly better). Most won’t want to skip this update, as it involves both a more stable working environment for Apple users, and new features for the most-used default apps.

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