TYLT Energi+ Is the Backpack of the Future, Ahem, Present

TyltEnergiPlusIt’s 2015, and everything’s changing so fast. Thanks to technology, the way we drive, communicate, write, work, cook, and play are all part of this grand technological experiment. From our ovens to our watches, these everyday items are becoming technically inclined, so much so, things you wouldn’t really think of are being added to that category.

When you consider the young population, the majority of today’s students deal with more online coursework than ever before, and many of them are returning to school with gadgets instead of textbooks. The use of a backpack hasn’t diminished at all, but it’s starting to change as kids are hauling around less to class. Adults need backpacks too. Backpacks are also continually popular for employees whose jobs allow them to carry them around instead of a briefcase (this statistic has been growing each year).

TyltEnergiPlus1So, it’s becoming clear that the need for backpacks is going through a phase. People are still using them, but putting completely different things inside of them than they used to. What does this phase mean for backpack makers, who for example, rely on each and every back-to-school season for part of its $2.7 billion industry? A variety of things should be considered, but rethinking how to market the product should be number one. In fact, JanSport research and design director Eric Rothenhaus stated, “We realized we needed to forget everything we knew about the category” (NY Times). One product that could set the new stage is the TYLT ENERGI+, the most technically advanced backpack you’ll come across, made with high-end materials, 1,450 cubic inches of internal space, and 13 pockets. Most importantly, the TYLT is made with a built-in battery charger and cables that charge up to 3 devices at a time.

The lithium-ion battery is discrete (about the size of an old 8-track, weighing 10.7 ounces), packing in 10,200mAh, and fits in an elastic pouch inside one of the backpack pockets; and it’s removable, in case you’d rather cart around the charger and leave the bag at home. The battery charges via micro USB, while two other full-sized USB ports charge smartphones with 1 amp each, and a tablet with 2.1 amps (PC Mag).

TyltEnergiPlus2Most of us carry around more than one device, usually amounting to our beloved smartphone and perhaps a laptop. The TYLT Energi+ provides on-the-go charging while giving you the space you need for electronics and other belongings. There’s even a hard pocket made especially for storing headphones, and other small electronics. Gizmag reports that TYLT’s 10,200mAh battery provides enough power to completely charge a smartphone four times, or a tablet once (about the same charging rate a laptop can achieve). On top of everything, sources report that the thing is also comfortable, so that definitely adds another positive. However, the $199 price tag is pretty high, and for most students who are on a budget (I think it’s safe to say that is most of them), a couple hundred bucks for a backpack may not be feasible. I think it’s safe to say plenty of tech lovers out there would enjoy it, as well as folks in the business world. Perhaps TYLT should translate its resources and make a briefcase model to hit a broader market.

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