We Could See Samsung’s Foldable Smartphone Early 2016

SamsungFoldableSmartphoneMost of us are just getting used to the idea of those bendable televisions that LG and Samsung revealed earlier this year. We might not need to actually fold our TVs in half very often, or roll them up like a newspaper, but the technology is innovative nonetheless. Now take that technology and put it to smartphones, and that's the latest from Samsung. The idea has been years in the making (these concept photos are from back in 2014), but this bendable smartphone could be closer to launch than we think.

We could see one of these as early as next January, and it's display is going to be foldable- both are pieces of information from a reputable Chinese insider somehow connected to the product. More sources point towards two model options, both with 3GB of RAM, a microSD, a non-removable battery, and the option of either Qualcomm's Snapdragon 620 or 820 processor.

SamsungFoldableSmartphone1It isn't much of a surprise that the tech giant is going to make another out of the ordinary device. If you think about it, the recent Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and S6 Edge+ sport an entirely new trend in the smartphone market (Mashable also mentions another curved-display device, called the Galaxy Round, that was released only in South Korea). The company seems to find its confidence in creating upscale devices with different features than the rest of the pack, and that's okay.

That being said, it seems hard to picture ourselves folding our phones in half and slipping them in our pockets anytime soon (partly because we might not want to). However, there's a January 2016 launch date for what Samsung is calling “Project Valley”, where this foldable smartphone is expected to be revealed. Gizmodo says this would most likely be a very early prototype, and it would still take a few more years for consumers to try it out. That's okay. I'd say we're doing fine with what Samsung is providing us for now.

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