Dell Makes the Smart Move and Mimics the Surface pro 3

DellXps12-2-in-1Are you in love with the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 yet? You've seen the commercials, you know, the ones that show the guy performing drum-like taps on his desk, radically opening and closing his super-thin laptop? I think the point they're trying to get across is how versatile the device is, changing from tablet to laptop, laptop to tablet, within a few strokes of the hand. As of late, the world is admitting to adoring the hip hybrid, and other companies are trying to play catch up. Apple just added a keyboard option to its new, larger than ever iPad Pro, and Lenovo came out with its Miix 700 Ideapad, which basically looks like a solid-colored version of the Surface Pro 3. In comes Dell with the XPS 12 2-in-1, which features a standalone keyboard that snaps into the tablet, and props up the display just like its Surface Pro 3 idol.

DellXps12-2-in-1-1The Dell XPS 12 zeros in on this trendy 2-in-1 tablet-to-laptop experience to the “T”. It's popular because it's simple, and quick to transition. It's slick. It's thin. The design is just all there. Like the Surface Pro 3, it features a built-in trackpad, but one thing Dell did do that the others didn't is add on backlit keys to its magnetic keyboard companion. It sports a 3840 x 2160 4K display, with a super thin bezel (in lieu of the XPS 13), has Thunderbolt 3 connectivity, an 8MP rear-facing camera, a 5MP front-facing camera, and 10 hours of battery life (Techno Buffalo).

DellXps12-2-in-1-2This may or may have not been an expected move from Dell, but it was a smart one. It may not surpass Microsoft's incredible Surface 3 sales, especially after such unlimited advertising, but the XPS 12 2-in-1 is said to “work flawlessly”, thanks to it's helpful backlit keys and precision touchpad. We know nothing of the pricing on this yet, but Engadget reports that it depends on what processor and storage options Dell decides on. Good news is, we know that it will be out in October. But for now, we have these leaked images to get us excited.

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