Public Wi-Fi Can Be Anonymous with Invizbox Go

InvizboxGoI remember reporting on the Anonabox last year during one of my Red Headed Geek Show episodes. It was an anonymizing network device for those who wanted more security in their online browsing activities. Soon after, I began hearing of multiple crowdfunding projects aimed at the same goal- to provide a simple way for computer and mobile device lovers to connect to networks without risking exposure to dangerous hackers. According to Ars Technica, inconsistency has been the problem with these types of hardware devices, as well as the need for a physical connection to an Ethernet port. In comes the Invizbox Go on Kickstarter, the latest project hoping to provide automatic anonymity, sans-Ethernet port, and over public Wi-Fi.

InvizboxGo1Just a quick Wi-Fi signal is all you need. This means you can continue your on-the-go lifestyle while staying protected. Wondering how signals as insecure as public Wi-Fi can be trusted? Invizbox Go creates a VPN to provide an “enhanced Tor experience”. It works by picking up a signal through your device, then accessing the web via Tor or other private network subscription service. Unlike similar products, Invizbox Go is simply hardware, therefore there is no software needed for it to work (another feature setting it apart from others). It runs on a 5 hour battery pack, which it also uses to charge your smartphone.

InvizboxGo2The hardware is still in prototype phase, but the company has its eyes on an ARM-based SoC and multicore processor to power Invizbox Go. After some finishing touches, Invizbox Go will be ready for shipment, $100 for the device and a year of VPN service, or just $75 for early bird backers (Ubergizmo).

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