Could Projectors Make a Comeback? After LG Showed off Its MiniBeam, Maybe!

MiniBeamPf1000-1We don't tend to hear about video projectors in the news very often. They aren't as trendy as they once were. These days, our mobile devices give us the chance to watch anything we want almost anywhere we want; and we have the ability to transform any room into a movie theater using our TVs and computer monitors as displays. Knowing this, LG decided it was time change up the way we perceive projectors by giving anyone a chance to use one, despite space restraints. Hence the MiniBeam PF1000, which uses a special technology to beam screens in an entirely new way.

LG calls it “Short Distance Focus” technology, and using it gives MiniBeam a screen that measures 100 inches diagonally from a distance of only 14 inches away. Apparently, mirrors are the secret to beaming at such short distances, and the result is a full HD resolution display, with 1,000 lumens of brightness, and a contrast ratio of 150,000:1 (BGR).

MiniBeamPf1000This means you don't need endless wall space to cast your favorite movie or presentation, which is usually why folks don't see a reason to buy a projector. MiniBeam includes built-in speakers, and supports Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Intel WiDi, and Miracast wireless display for streaming content using just your device. No wiring necessary, this is 2015 after all (Liliputing).

Watching video on a huge screen will (hopefully) never go out of style. MiniBeam could give meaning to projectors again, and be an easy outlet for family entertainment. As with many projectors, the MiniBeam PF1000 is a pricy one, and is currently available in South Korea for about $1350. Let's wait and see if the improvement of projecting technology becomes a new feat in the big world of media entertainment. If it does, we'll have LG to thank.

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