Samsung’s 6GB DRAM Chips in Mass Production for Next Gen Mobile Devices

SamsungsNewMobileRamLPDDR4What's next in smartphone advancements? More RAM, all the way. Most of us carry around something with about 2GB to 4GB of RAM (Samsung currently tops out at 4GB in its latest Galaxy S6 Edge+), if we're considered up-to-date on the latest technology. Obviously, the next step would be to increase how much our devices can efficiently hold, and Samsung wants to be the company to pave the way. This week, Samsung officially announced its efforts in mass producing the worlds first 12Gbit LPDDR4 mobile DRAM chips, which would allow our next gen smartphones and tablets to perform with better quality than ever.

Using its 20 nanometer-class manufacturing process, Samsung's new 12Gbit DRAM dies will offer “a 50 percent greater density than existing 8GB dies, allowing manufacturers to offer mobile devices with more RAM than a mainstream laptop; 6GB, with four 12Gbit dies in a single DRAM chip package”, says Ars Technica. Speeds will be 30 percent faster (topping 4,266 Mbps) than its previous 8Gbit LPDDR4, also consuming 20 percent less power, according to Samsung.

SamsungsNewMobileRamLPDDR4-1Samsung feels more than confident that this new 12Gbit process will be in high demand for flagship mobile devices, and assumes the responsibility of producing 50 percent more of these new DRAM chips than the previous 8Gbit version. How does this translate to smartphone capacity? Devices holding 6GB of mobile DRAM in a single package will allow for a cleaner and faster ability to multitask. Finally, the new process does not mean a need for more space, therefore design aspects of next gen devices will not be compromised.

Finally, this new process has potential for more than just smartphones and tablets, as Samsung hopes to see its new 6GB DRAM in ultra-slim PCs, as well as digital appliances and IoT devices. As far as a time frame goes, Samsung has been diligently finishing up manufacturing these chips in time to be featured in (hopefully) many of next year's mobile devices.

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