Blu’s Flagship, the Pure XL, Is a Lot of Smartphone for $349

BluPureXLSmartphoneBlu Products, a tech company founded in 2009, is becoming known for designing and manufacturing affordable smartphones. Its latest flagship, the Android-run Blu Pure XL phablet, is being sold as an unlocked device for less than $400, and will begin hitting the United States soon. Its current contenders include other unlocked “affordable premium” smartphones, such as the Motorola Moto X Pure Edition, and the OnePlus 2, all of which give consumers a cheaper alternative to big name brands such as Apple and Samsung, says Cnet.

BluPureXLSmartphone1Other than its lovely $349 price tag, this 6-inch, Quad HD Blu Pure XL has just as much going for it as other top tier devices on the market. In fact, the smartphone will be the first in America to feature MediaTek's 64-bit Helio X10 2.0 GHz octa-core processor. Known as extremely powerful and well performing, the Helio X10 will be accompanied by 64GB of internal memory, 3GB of RAM, and micro SD for external storage capacity. Its 3500mAh battery is said to hold up to seven hours of HD video playback on one charge (PC Mag).

BluPureXLSmartphone2Amazon will selling the Blu Pure XL as an unlocked device, while T-Mobile and AT&T will provide 4G LTE service to customers. With such impressive technology (Blu CEO Samuel Ohev-Zion says it would be hard for users to find better tech in a current smartphone), and a price tag nearly half of what the big boys at Apple and Samsung charge for similarly-specked devices, Blu could very well have its Pure XL flagship become a big contestant in current industry. Customers can get the handset starting September 29th, available exclusively on Amazon.

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