LG’s New Rolly Keyboard Makes Typing on a Smartphone a Breeze

LgRollyKeyboardSmartphones these days are no joke. We shouldn't even call them smartphones. They're more than something that makes phone calls. They have become an extension of our hands, our favorite little helpers, the fastest reference tool ever- and we spend more time typing on the thing than talking to it. Unfortunately, sometimes typing on the touchscreen gets to be a pain because of how small the display is. Even if you have the new iPhone 6 Plus or the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, typing can still become an annoying task. As you spend so much of your time deleting and correcting misspelled words, you might find that you'd rather just use voice text. What if I told you there's an awesome new alternative to the small-screened type-a-thon? The Rolly Keyboard is from LG, and is being introduced as “the industry's first solid rollable wireless portable keyboard”.

Now, don't think of this being as silly as it sounds (who wants to lug around a portable keyboard with them just to pair it with a teensy mobile phone display?). Think of Rolly Keyboard as a problem solving smartphone accessory for those times when you find yourself needing to reply to a long email, or write up a quick script idea before you forget it. These days, it's rare that we're faced with a task too large for our smartphones, but sometimes we just don't have the patience to type using a finger or two (that's probably due to the fact that it's not the natural way to type).

LgRollyKeyboard1So roll out the Rolly Keyboard, which features “high contrast keys”, measured at just a 17mm key pitch. The device is impact-resistant, made of durable polycarbonate and ABS plastic for just the right amount of tactile feedback (PC Mag). It connects to your smartphone or tablet using Bluetooth 3.0 or higher, and works with LG, as well as iPhone and Android. As far as battery life, only one AAA battery is required to power the Rolly Keyboard, which lasts for up to 3 whole months. The keyboard, priced at $99.95, will be among many premium input devices LG is expected to launch in the coming months. I'd love to live in a world where folks sat down at a coffee shop and rolled out a paper-thin keyboard.

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