Solar Panel Charger Makes over a Million in Kickstarter Funding

SolarPaperSolarPanelThe developers over at Chicago and Seoul-based startup Yolk, are no strangers to environmentally friendly versions of problem solving. Just last year, the company started a Kickstarter campaign for its Solarade charger, a device hoped to become the world's smallest solar charger. Like Solarade, Yolk's new device is also a solar charger, but works a little bit differently. Dubbed Solar Paper, it is said to be as thin as paper and after reaching $1,021,583 in pledges on August 20th, it's hard to deny that solar energy could be the next best thing in mobile charging.

SolarPaperSolarPanel2Solar power is perfect for this day-and-age because of all the possibilities that come along with it. Since most of our devices are becoming thinner and more efficient, what better place to slap on a piece of solar film than our mobile devices, which are most always in our hands? Since there's never enough opportunities for a solar powered gadget to hit some direct sunlight, this charger is rather genius. No wonder Yolk has such an eager group of backers.

SolarPaperSolarPanel1Solar Paper is a simple design, made up of detachable solar panels that stick together via magnetic sides. The magnets are used to attach multiple panels together for increased power supply. Using two 2.5 watt panels is perfect for a smartphone, and can charge it fully in about 2.5 hours, while additional 2.5 watt panels can be added on for larger devices like tablets, which take a bit more juice (most require about 10 watts). The extra panels are also useful for overcast days to cut down charge times.

The world we live in requires us to be connected, and many of us are using our mobile devices most of the day now, so it's more important than ever to keep'em charged up. Nothing better than portable, tax-free energy from the sun that works as quickly as most wall chargers. Solar Paper will begin shipments in September, with expected retail price of $89 for the 2 pack of 2.5 watt panels, $160 for a 3 pack, and $200 for a 4 pack. The product is best suited for iPhone 6 Plus, iPads, the Samsung Galaxy S6, and Samsung Galaxy tablets (Tech Bulletin).

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