The All New Chromebook 13, Dell Looking to Appease Business Folk

DellChromebook13-2Ever since Dell came out with its first Chromebook back in 2011, the company has been striving to put out versions of its affordable web-based laptop to every type of market that needs it. First came the plasticky, cheap Chromebook catered towards students and schools. Then came the upscale, overpriced, $1200 Pixel for corporate workers. What about something in between? Now, the affordable but still classy and Chrome-operated system has done some growing up. Aimed to fit in the workplace niche, the new Chromebook 13 is being pitched to interested users at an event in Google's San Francisco office.

DellChromebook13-1What makes a Chromebook built for business? Well, for one, the ability to make the device big screen-ready within seconds via 4K external monitor hookup surely makes giving a presentation with Windows Apps, Office, and Photoshop easier than ever. Not to mention the ability to access files, printers, and other things shared in a corporate office.

DellChromebook13Spec-wise, the $399 priced Dell Chromebook 13 runs a 1.5 GHz Intel Celeron processor, comes with 2GB of RAM, 16GB of storage, and is said to run for 12 hours on one battery charge. Despite its standard spec list, this is the first Chromebook to have a premium look without breaking the bank. It is made of aluminum, with magnesium alloy along the palm rest, and carbon fiber across the back panel, reports The Verge. Its display, which contains a 1080p matte IPS across 13 inches, is just another feature that makes this the best looking Chromebook out there, besides the pricey Pixel of course.

They say its a business laptop, but it really can be an anybody laptop. But Dell really is figuring out how to tweak these devices in all the right places. In the case of the Chomebook 13, Dell has found out how to intrigue those in the corporate world. The laptops will be ready to ship as soon as September 17th, and prices range from $399 to $899, depending on configuration.

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