Leaked Images of the iPad Mini 4 Show It Could Be the Slimmest Model Yet

AppleiPadMini4After the iPad came out, Apple started releasing other versions of its tablet in different sizes and capacities. The latest iPad, the iPad Mini 4, will come along with Apple's next set of iPhones this September. Leaked images are already out, and it appears that the fourth generation iPad Mini somewhat resembles the iPad Air 2 design, possibly making it the slimmest model yet.

While the iPad Mini 3 sports a 7.5 mm thick chassis, the latest model is expected to measure right around 6.1 mm thick (or 203.2mm x 134.8mm x 6.1mm). That's a pretty considerate jump from its predecessor. Renderings from @OnLeaks show photos of the iPad Mini 4's chassis, exposing its slimmed-down frame. Additionally, other rumors suggest many of its internal specs being close to, or the same as the iPad Air 2. If so, this would include a possible A8 processor, 9MP camera, and 802.11ac Wi-Fi, reports Apple Insider.

AppleiPadMini4-1Apple's annual showcase event, expected around the first or second week of next month, will be the defining moment for the new iPad Mini 4. For now, a revealing video has been floating around thanks to @OnLeaks. If you're excited enough to see the what alleged new model looks like, this video shows the device's outer design from all angles. Let's just hope there is considerable improvement from the iPad Mini 3, which many accused of being lackluster upon release.

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