Gnarbox Puts Mobile Photo and Video Editing Capabilities Right in the Palm of Your Hand – No Laptop Required!

GnarboxPhotoVideoEditingThe Gnarbox is one of those gadgets that you didn’t even know you needed until you were made aware of its existence. In the age of GoPro, it has become increasingly convenient to document the goings-on of your daily life to the tune of countless hours of overwhelming footage. While today’s cameras are tiny, ultra-portable, and capable of storing more memories than we possible could have imagined on a single device just a decade ago, they are not so convenient for editing and organizing purposes. Unless you’re willing to take your laptop with you everywhere you shoot, you’re looking at long periods stuck behind your computer editing a vast expanse of your life’s memories – and therefore missing out on new ones. So a team of inventors came up with the idea for Gnarbox, a portable phablet-sized device that helps you backup, organize, edit and share your footage on the go.


GnarboxPhotoVideoEditing1While backing a Kickstarter campaign for something you really want doesn’t always result in an actual product, this will certainly not be the case for the Gnarbox. With seven days left in its campaign, it has already smashed through its $100K goal nearly four times over. Simply stated – people want it. With its multi-use, dual-platform functionality, it’s easy to see why. This little invention is an all-in-one device for video editing, backing up your camera’s footage, file organization and even storage. The most important of these just may be the video editing option, which is extensive to say the least. Editing features include frame-by-frame trimming, slo- and fast-mo, changing aspect ratios, light adjustment, color and filter enhancements, and even layering music. Videos can be exported in full resolution and the Gnarbox itself includes 128GB of internal storage. It will be compatible with both iOS and Android, and has the ability to connect to up to four phones at once to access media.


GnarboxPhotoVideoEditing2As you can probably imagine, a lot of work went into developing a pocket-sized gadget that could manage the same video editing tasks as a full-size laptop. According to Gnarbox CEO Tim Frees, the product has been under development for two years and has just entered the Alpha testing phase to ensure that it delivers all that it promises. Some of the components helping this hard-working gadget do its job are a bundled WiFi hard drive and quad-core processor, 4GB of RAM, a dedicated GPU and a battery that promises roughly seven hours of use per charge. The accompanying mobile app is comprehensive enough that with nothing more than the Gnarbox and a smartphone, you can edit 4K video to your heart’s content and then immediately share your masterpieces via the social medium of your choice. And the tiny technology comes surprisingly cheap – for the next seven days you can still snag the $150 early bird offer, or wait and pay $250 when they hit shelves sometime in spring 2016.

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