Samsung’s New Line of Monitors Will Wirelessly Charge Your Phone

SamsungWirelessChargingMonitor1Wireless charging is the wave of the future, but we seem to be quite a ways off from standardizing the technology in our daily lives. In order to become a successful technological norm, wireless charging needs to choose and adhere to one global standard that works with all our devices, it needs to be invisible and completely free of tethered wires, and it should ideally be readily available for use nearly everywhere you go. Yet aside from select Starbucks locations and a small line of newer lamps and tables from Ikea, wireless charging is far from the norm in our daily lives – unless of course you want to lug around an accompanying wireless charging mat or phone dock, which themselves are not wireless. So Samsung came up with the brilliant idea to cut the cord and actually integrate wireless charging into their newest line of PC monitors.

SamsungWirelessChargingMonitorQi wireless charging, which uses inductive coupling to charge compatible devices or Qi-friendly cases, is quickly becoming the industry-wide wireless charging standard chosen by the majority of smartphone makers who are offering wireless charging capabilities. While we should start seeing a slew of other companies begin to integrate wireless charging into their products in the very near future, for now Samsung has created the world’s first monitor with an integrated wireless charging function for mobile devices. The SE370, which will come in both 23.7- and 27-inch versions, will incorporate a Qi wireless charger directly into its stand. Simply place your smartphone on the monitor’s stand and an LED light will confirm that your device is wirelessly charging – it’s as easy as that. Because, according to Samsung senior VP for Visual Display Business Seok-gi Kim, “Technology should support, not interfere with, active lifestyles”.

SamsungWirelessChargingMonitor2At a time when desktop PC’s are seeing their biggest decline in sales, PC monitors have taken a subsequent hit. As a leading manufacturer of monitors, Samsung (who ranks second in sales behind Dell) may have just made the most ingenious move possible to place them at the front of the monitor manufacturer pack going forward. Aside from wireless charging capabilities, the monitors themselves are about what you’d expect. The resolution of both sizes is only 1,920x1,080, but thanks to a Plane-to-Line-Switching (PLS) panel the viewing angle of the screen has increased to 178 degrees. Samsung has also added AMD FreeSync support, which helps to eliminate on-screen tearing and stuttering caused by rapid movements and boasts that the SE370 has a speedy 4-millisecond response time. And to keep your peepers bright and alert, the monitors incorporate an eye-save mode that reduces the effects of blue light, which can damage eyes and cause sleep disturbances, while AMD’s anti-flicker gaming technology protects your eyes from the flickering that occurs with most standard monitors. Ports are about what you’d expect for monitors of this size – one HDMI-in, one DisplayPort-in and one D-sub connector. Samsung has yet to release any details on pricing and launch dates, but judging from the specs, these dual-duty monitors don’t look like they’ll break the bank.

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