Acer Adds Tear-Free Gaming to a Monstrously Large Curved Display

AcerXR341CKcurvedDisplayGamers rejoice! Acer has just launched what appears to be the first curved display with AMD’s FreeSync technology, and it is huge. 34-inches huge, to be exact. And while it doesn’t quite meet 4K standards, it does keep tearing and stuttering at bay while projecting one of the clearest, crispest, most immersive displays I’ve ever seen on a home monitor.

AcerXR341CKcurvedDisplay1The Acer XR341CK is a 34-inch curved panel with a 3440 x 1440 pixel resolution. I’ll pause while that sinks in for a moment… Are you imagining it? Good. In addition to being large - and frankly, stunning - this curvy, 21:9 aspect ratio LCD comes with AMD’s anti-tearing FreeSync technology already built-in. The combination of a curved, super-wide screen and uber-gaming-friendly technology inside provide a monitor experience for the user that is incredibly immersive to say the least. If you’re unfamiliar with FreeSync technology, it essentially matches the refresh rate of the display with the rendering rate of the graphics card – an epic step forward for gamers and graphics hounds. Conventional monitors, by contrast, will refresh at fixed frame rates; falling out of sync with the ever-fluctuating framerates of a PC game. This leads to the dreaded “tearing”, where part of your screen looks like it’s simply not keeping up with the action (see also “image stuttering”).

AcerXR341CKcurvedDisplay2In addition to FreeSync technology, the stunning new panel comes equipped with a DisplayPort input, Mini DisplayPort, HDMI 2.0 and a USB 3.0 hub. The included 14W speaker system is an added bonus if this beast ends up taking up all the space on your meager desk. If you’re starting to think this is a monitor you won’t be able to get cheaply, then you’d be correct. Acer is suggesting a price of $1,099 when the behemoth actually ships later this month; quite a chunk of change for a monitor. However, if the curved monitor paired with FreeSync technology happens to enable you to ditch the multi-monitor relationship you’re currently in, it still may be worth it to you.

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