LG Announces Their FreeSync-Enabled 27-Inch 4K Monitor

Lg4kFreeSyncMonitor1For those of you paying attention to the pricing and standards war over variable refresh rate technology, LG just dropped another troop into that battle with their new 27-inch 4K IPS panel. Companies such as AMD and NVIDIA having been duking it out as of late over the superiority of their various products in respect to display power, and LG’s announcement this week that their 27MU67 will be available later this month makes it the first to offer AMD’s Free Sync technology (just barely beating a rival model from Samsung). Similar to NVIDIA’s G-Sync, FreeSync strives to match monitor and GPU refresh rates to eliminate tearing, stutter and other common gaming issues.

Lg4kFreeSyncMonitorFirst of all, I should note that in order to use the FreeSync technology, DisplayPort is required; either the mini or full-sized version of the interface will do. This shouldn’t be a problem considering that the monitor incorporates two HDMI inputs, with at least one donning 2.0 support, as well as a DisplayPort 1.2. Through a process called dithering, this 8-bit panel is actually capable of delivering 10-bit interpolated color, according to company specifications. LG states the IPS screen can run at 40 to 60fps with 9.7 milliseconds of input lag and will still manage to hit 99 percent of the Adobe sRGB color spectrum. The monitor is rated at 300 nits and has a 5ms response time, in addition to a bevy of eye-pleasing display features. A Black Stabilizer feature helps illuminate dark scenes, a Flicker Safe function helps to reduce eye fatigue during long gaming sessions, and a Game Mode hot key actually lets you customize your monitor settings for individual games. And just to put the cherry on your visual gaming sundae, LG has included tons of split-screen options for those multiple inputs.

Lg4kFreeSyncMonitor2LG announced that the 27MU67 will be available in the US later this month for $599. If that seems a hefty price tag, take a moment and think back to early 2014 when we were all tickled to see a 4K-resolution monitor at all; not to mention one with a bigger price tag of $700 and a measly refresh rate of only 30Hz. According to LG, AMD’s FreeSync technology allowed them to gear this monitor towards discriminating gamers who need IPS for color critical work, but who also want to game. So if you’re looking for a panel with optimal gaming conditions no matter the game, this vivid 4K display from LG might be the right fit for you.

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