This Tiny Windows 10 PC Is Inside a Tiny Power Adapter

QuantaComputePlugAmong the many Windows 10 pieces (laptops, notebooks, desktops) coming our way, Microsoft wanted to show off something interesting during this week's Computex conference. Dubbed the Quanta Compute Plug, this device isn't your ordinary PC. It's an alternative, but fully functioning PC integrated into a power adapter. Looks like Microsoft wants to show us that a PC can look like anything these days. That, and it can still run Windows 10, which was designed to work beautifully on anything from a desktops to smartphones, to IoT devices.

Although it seems similar to Intel's Compute Stick, this isn't an HDMI dongle, its a power transformer, or “wall wart”. Developed by Quanta and barely larger than a typical AC adapter, it contains two USB 3.0s, an HDMI output, even uses Cortana as a control mechanism. It can be plugged into any outlet, and is designed it to connect to a TV or computer monitor, then controlled via Cortana in conjunction with Bluetooth.

QuantaComputePlug1Part of the smartness of its design happens to be the fact that it plugs into the wall. It draws more power this way than an HDMI dongle could from a television. Although it isn't known yet, PC World estimates its internal hardware could compare to the Intel Bay Trail T-CR SoC 7 chip, 2GB of RAM, and 64GB of MMC flash storage found in Quanta's current dongle, the NH1 Stick.

No, the Quanta Compute Plug isn't for your typical power-loving PC enthusiasts, but that's not what it's for. It's another option for streaming, browsing, and working just by plugging it in. It's tiny, and we are all loving tiny these days. Plus, if you're already a fan of Cortana (there's some of you out there, right?), you'll have fun utilizing her to control it.

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