Spoiler Alert: This Hammer of Thor PC Case Is Cooler than Any Gadget You Own

ThorsHammerPcCaseThis week’s Computex Expo in Taipei, one of the largest computer and technology trade shows in the world, showcased some of the most amazing designs and inventions the tech world currently has to offer. One particular display has garnered more buzz and interest than its creator probably ever expected, and it’s not even from one of the big names that probably come to mind. While I’m sure companies like Apple and Samsung have some awesome sauce of their own to offer, the real kicker came in the form of a case mod built to resemble Thor’s hammer Mjolnir – and it is totally awesome.

The PC case, dubbed Thermalthor, was built by a Taiwanese fisherman named Suchao Prowphong to celebrate the Thor and Avengers films and is a faithful recreation of the on-screen prop. No longer lending his design skills to fishing nets, Prowphong has had his work showcased through Gigabyte and now through Thermaltake, the company currently hosting the booth at Computex where his now-famous Hammer of Thor case mod is on display. Prowphong said the idea came to him because he was impressed by Thor’s mighty hammer and wanted the ensuing design to look powerful – a goal he achieved in spades.

ThorsHammerPcCase1As for the case itself, cerulean-hued flashing lights can be seen throughout the hammer, recreating the lightning that always precedes the God of Thunder. This alone does wonders to add to the aura of might and power being projected by the case. If the blinking gets too distracting there are various settings to lessen their effects, and there are several other color options if cerulean blue doesn’t happen to be your hue. A closer look at the hammer shows a striking attention to minute details, and seems to immediately fill you with the urge to try and pick it up – which you can actually do once the computer is turned off. There is a mini-ITX board in the hammer’s head along with various other low-power components that keep it running smoothly. The only apparent drawback to this amazing innovation is that all the power seems to be on the outside. The Thermalthor doesn’t have room for a discrete graphics card, meaning that it relies on the integrated Intel graphics for its visuals. Weaknesses aside, I can still say this is by far one of the coolest PC cases I’ve ever encountered.

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