Get 800% More out of Your Disposable Batteries with Batteriser

Batteriser1In today's day and age, we're getting used to teeny little chip-like batteries powering our devices. We can't forget about alkaline batteries, though. We still use them for countless things around the house, but let's face it, they really don't last very long, and stocking up on them is an expensive chore. It would be so much better if we got more out of these batteries, without buying one of those nearly useless rechargable packs, which require more expensive batteries, and take a really long time to do a pathetic job at recharging. The Batteriser (I know, great name), which has a price of just ten bucks, is said to alleviate all of these issues by boosting the lives of disposable batteries by 800%.

BatteriserThe Batteriser company says its product can give some devices enough power to run as long as they would on eight sets of batteries (that's where the 800% comes in). It works for any battery ranging from AAA to D, even after they (rated at 1.5 volts) drop below 1.35 volts, which is almost always the point that your device decides to give up on the battery. What a wasteful system, right? Batteriser is essentially a tiny sleeve that slips directly over the battery, and basically works as an electrical suction to get the most juice possible. See? You don't have to come up with the technologically advanced idea to fix a problem.

Four Batterisers for $10. That's it? Yep. The brains behind this, called Batteroo Corporation, care about more than just selling its product. It created Batteriser to change the fact that the $14 billion disposable battery market is being essentially wasted. While powering 5.4 billion devices, only about 2 percent of these batteries are disposed of properly. Because of their inefficiency, they are quick to be thrown away. If we have a way to keep reusing what we already have, we are part of the solution, not the problem, and I think getting it done for $2.50 a piece isn't bad at all.

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