Nvidia Announces Flagship, the GeForce GTX 980 Ti, for 4K Gaming

NvidiaGeForce980TiDuring this week's Computex, International Technology Trade Show in Taipei, Taiwan, Nvidia, known for its high-end video cards, got to show off its flagship GeForce GTX 980 Ti. Last year, its predecessor, the GTX 980 was the most powerful member maintaining Nvidia's Maxwell 2 architecture. This one is even more souped-up and powerful, providing better support for 4K PC gaming.

NvidiaGeForce980Ti1Nothing can really outdo the GeForce GTX Titan X, Nvidia's most powerful GPU, but it's high $1,000 price isn't for everyone. Luckily, the GTX 980 Ti is coming into the picture just in time to provide a nice option in between the Titan X and the original GTX 980 ($550). It's cheaper, at $649, and it comes bundled with the upcoming Batman: Arkham Knight for PC. Based on the GM200 GPU, it has a total of 2,816 active CUDA cores, supports the latest DirectX 12 effects, and comes with 6GB of VRAM (compared to 4GB on the previous card). Like the GTX Titan X, the GTX 980 Ti is clocked at 1000MHz (a boost clock of 1075MHz), features its VRAM on a 384-bit memory bus, set for a 250X TDP, and features Nvidia's metal-shrouded cooling system (An and Tech).

NvidiaGeForce980Ti2All of this fancy language, and perhaps we need a real-life scenario to put it into perspective. What better way, than considering the new, very anticipated, Witcher 3 video game. According to the company, the GTX 980 Ti will run Witcher 3 at 4K resolution, and 45 frames per second. All specs aside, I guess you could easily call this piece the GTX Titan X, only cheaper, with less VRAM. But, then where would all the excitement come from? Considering the GTX 980 Ti comes with a free video game, this super-deal is a sure sign of Nvidia's dedication to staying on top in the PC gaming market.

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  • NightCall

    45fps @ 4k? That’s like a 10fps maybe 15fps boost over the 980 at that resolution? Still not really credible as a 4k graphics solution IMO. I’ll stick with my 980 which max’s out the overwhelming majority of AAA titles when. Driving a 144hz 1080p monitor at 70+ fps. Until a comparable 4k device running comparable settings will reliably not drop below the gold standard of 60fps I’m not going to build a system around it. Sure you could probably dual SLI these puppies for an average of 55-60 fps but I don’t believe SLI is intrinsically a good thing to base a build around from day one, although it can be useful for extending the life of a rig if you can pick up a second card on the cheap a year or two down the road.

    It’s often been said that the last of old tech is better than the first of new tech. Which seems to be the case here, vis-a-vis 1080p vs 4k. The only palpable difference consumer tier 4k resolution rigs will make is that 27-32 inch monitors will come to replace the current norm of a 22-24 inch screen that many current desktop users prefer out of a 1080p screen in order to keep pixel pitch reasonable. This will be nice and I’ll look forward to embracing it when the time comes [: