Google Launches Project Vault, a Secure MicroSD with NFC

GoogleProjectVaultGoogle news continues. The company has created its very own microSD form factor called Project Vault, a device that uses hardware and software in a secure computing environment. Used to protect your data, Project Vault comes at a time when hackers and password vulnerability are on a drastic increase. More and more products have been launching designed to secure this type of information, but Google has faith that Project Vault can be a better solution. It works by connecting to any mobile or desktop system that supports microSD.

Google's decision to do this with in a microSD form factor has good reasoning. Simply put, data and storage. Project Vault comes with 4GB of onboard storage, and it's small enough to be used in any device you own that has a microSD card slot. It's essentially its own little self-sustained computer. The processor on the device is an ARM RTOS running Google's security-focused, real-time operating system. It also comes with an NFC chip and antenna to ensure authorization. Other cryptographic services include hashing, signing, batch encryption, and a hardware random number generator, says Tech Crunch.

GoogleProjectVault1Unlike a lot of other projects currently launching from Google, this one isn't that far from being ready. In fact, a bunch of development work isn't really needed because it's supposed to be an easy-to-use product, or, “a generic storage device with a standard file system”. Perfect description, Google. Google's ATAP division currently has an open source development kit for some early testing. Other than that, we will have to wait for more updates.

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