ASUS New Pocket Projector Can Connect Directly to Your Android Phone

AsusE1ZProjector“I go to parties, sometimes til four. It’s hard to leave when you can’t find the door”. More so than any of the Indie groups or rock bands I followed around in my 20’s, this lyric from The Eagles pretty well summed up the majority of a solid decade of my life. As I’ve gotten older the parties tend to end just a tad bit earlier, and instead of discussing the merits of red Jell-O shots versus the green ones, I find myself showing everyone who will tolerate me the next day whatever viral gem I’ve discovered the night before. “Have you guys seen the latest bad lip reading video? Do you know What Does the Fox Say? Were you aware that Beyonce dancing can be synced up to anything??” The time I used to spend searching for that door is now spent huddled around someone’s smartphone or tablet watching whatever gut-busting video the internet has deemed worthy of my attention that week; such is the life of a burgeoning adult. It would be nice if there was a way my tired old eyes could view this viral wonderment on a larger scale though… and in comes the pocket projector from ASUS.

AsusE1ZProjector1The E1Z was announced at Computex today and is already getting rave reviews from attendees who witnessed its inaugural demo. The pocket-sized portable projector from ASUS can play content directly from your Android smartphone via micro-USB, making it the first LED projector of its kind. While most projectors require some form of HDMI dongle or wireless connection to cast from a smartphone, the E1Z is a direct connect. And to sweeten the deal further, ASUS has removed the stress that comes with streaming content and its inevitable effect on battery power by including a high-capacity battery that can serve as a portable phone charger for your devices.

AsusE1ZProjector2In addition to being small, practical and remarkably simple, the E1Z delivers exceptional picture quality. As it stands, the prototype that they showed this week maxed out at 100 lumens, but an ASUS rep claims that when the gadget becomes commercially available later this year, it will provide up to 150 lumens of brightness. Either number would stand out in its class; its closest competitor, the Lenovo Pocket Projector, maxes out at only 50 lumens. There are not a whole lot of specs to report just yet, as ASUS is still completing the development phase of the projector, but they did confirm the following details: “The E1Z has a mercury-free LED light source, DLP technology, 100% NTSC color gamut and supports the full RGB color spectrum for clear, bright projected images with accurate color reproduction.” For now it’s anyone’s guess as far as when the projector will be available and how much it will cost, but an ASUS rep was heard estimating the cost to be around $200 when it does eventually go on sale.

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