Apple Could Add Force Touch Feature in Upcoming iPhone Gen

AppleForceTouchSome of us are already aware of Apple's popular Force Touch, a feature introduced into its new line of MacBooks as well as the Apple Watch. For the rest of us who need clarity, Force Touch is what allows the laptop's trackpad to detect those subtle differences in your finger's movements. Much like the new features expected on Apple's patented “Fusion” keyboard, it works as two-stage mechanical structure, where a light press and a hard press can trigger separate commands. We could soon be seeing this feature in the next generation iPhone (speculated to be dubbed the iPhone 6S) accompanied by the updated iOS 9, says reports.

AppleForceTouch1Already debuted on the Apple Watch, Force Touch works similar to a right click on a Mac- used to change the watch's interface just by pressing down on the screen. It really opens up additional settings and menu options that would otherwise be super difficult to maneuver on such a tiny screen (Tech Crunch). Transfer this pressure sensitive ability to an iPhone screen, and, it would open up its own variety of useful interface applications, ie, home and lock screen setting tweaks. Developers will be expected to use Force Touch on a variety of apps, drawing games being a prime example, where it could trigger pop up menus and additional buttons easily.

In addition to the next iPhone gen, other rumors suggest we could see Force Touch applied to the next round of iPads as well. Some sources are denying the likelihood of this new technology ending up on the iPhone 6S or iPhone 6S Plus (once again, simple speculation with the name). Others report that Apple is already in cahoots with third-party iOS app developers to incorporate the new feature in their apps. So, whether or not we know “the truth”, what we can be sure of is this, we'll be hearing more and more about this as the months roll on.

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