Turn Your Boring Old Mousepad into a Party with Razer’s Firefly

RazerFireflyMousePadDo you love Las Vegas? Are you easily distracted by shiny things? Did you actually consider buying a package of those pills that make you poop glitter? Well then, we should be friends… and, you should check out the latest gadget from Razer. The company that recently decked out their BlackWidow Tournament Edition Chroma high-performance keyboard with a seemingly limitless array of rainbow colors has just done the same thing for the mousepad, turning an otherwise dull rubbery mat into a virtual disco on your desk.

RazerFireflyMousePad1Let me start by saying, if you are a baller on a Ramen noodle budget, this is probably not the mousepad for you. The Razer Firefly costs nearly $60, making it easily the most expensive mousepad I’ve ever come across personally. However, if you’ve got dollars to spare and especially if you’re already plugged in to the whole Chroma family, this thing is actually really neat. It is classified as a “hard gaming mouse mat” with a micro-texturized surface to make mouse movement as speedy and precise as possible – which is actually fairly important if you’re using your mouse for gaming. Razer adds that the surface has an “enhanced reflective quality” to deliver “rapid in-game responsiveness”. As you would expect, the underside is coated with rubber to ensure your private light show isn’t going anywhere, no matter how hard you swipe across it. But let’s get to where the real innovation comes in.

RazerFireflyMousePad2The Razer Firefly is lined with lights on its left, right and bottom borders. When synced up with other Chroma-enabled Razer devices, your color options total up to 16.8 million glowing, pulsing hues. Another added benefit of adding to your Chroma family is the bevy of customizable lighting effects the mouse mat brings. Wave, for example rolls different colors around the edge of the mat, while Spectrum Cycling moves the entire mat smoothly through the electric rainbow. You even have the option of Reactive lighting patterns, which change depending on various scenarios. And just to up the cool factor just a tad bit more, you can actually sync lighting effects between devices, making every Razer Chroma device you have cycle at the same time and in the same colors. It is compatible with both Mac and PC and requires nothing more to power it than a USB port and 100MB of your hard drive space. You’ll need access to the internet if you want to download new effects, but aside from that this little gadget comes ready to plug in and play with. Should you find yourself suddenly in dire need of this dance party for your desktop, you can buy it directly from Razer online and shipping is set to begin June 2nd, 2015.

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